Level 4


Level 4 duties typically require a skill level which assumes and requires knowledge or training equivalent to:

  • completion of a diploma level qualification; or
  • completion of a Certificate IV with relevant work experience; or
  • completion of a post-trades certificate and extensive relevant experience and on the job training; or
  • completion of a Certificate III with extensive relevant work experience; or
  • an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training.


Tasks at this level are likely to be varied, some of a routine nature with a degree of complexity. Tasks require the application of any or all of the following within the work area:

  • a sound knowledge of policies and procedures,
  • some specialist knowledge or skills or a broad knowledge with depth in some areas,
  • ability to understand principles and reasoning behind policies,
  • some knowledge of planning, co-ordination and evaluation,
  • limited creative, planning, analysis or design functions.


At this level it is expected that employees will have the ability to:

  • do basic analysis and resolve more difficult problems within established guidelines/procedures,
  • identify and monitor priorities,
  • investigate and research straightforward matters which need clarification or resolution or use in planning for technical purposes
  • interpret and apply relatively straightforward rules, legislation or policies,
  • make recommendation on courses of action to be taken, for authorisation by others,
  • take responsibility for own tasks and coordination of specified tasks.


Supervision received:

Procedural direction where-

  • guidance is available in situations where courses of action are not defined or too complex,
  • supervision is limited when established rules, procedures and guidelines are provided and understood,
  • may work independently on specific task areas.

Supervision given:

  • may supervise other employees within a work area,
  • may work in a team requiring co-ordination of employees and tasks.


Perform tasks/assignments which may:

  • involve providing advice or information which may influence the actions of others or outcomes of work areas/projects,
  • involve negotiating and liaising with a range of people, working towards agreed outcomes,
  • involve providing guidance and advice to resolve work-related problems, taking into consideration the needs of people, the objectives of the work area/project and University policies,
  • involve co-ordinating the activities of a range of employees, including those of a more senior level to contribute to a project,
  • involve demonstrating a sound knowledge of the role and function of immediate work area and an awareness of the role of other work units,
  • require proficiency in the project task or work area's rules, regulations, processes and techniques, and how they interact with other related functions/objectives of project.
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