Schedule 5 - On Call Arrangements (Information Technology Employees)

The provisions of this Schedule apply to employees within the Information Technology Directorate who are engaged to carry out technical functions in addition to the provisions of clause 21 On-Call Provisions.

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Where a requirement to be available on-call is not specified in an IT employee’s contract of employment, participation in an on-call roster will be by mutual agreement.
    2. The following provisions will not be used other than to provide an emergency fault repair or remote monitoring capacity. If changes to working patterns within the areas covered by this Schedule require rostered work outside normal working hours this will be covered under the relevant Agreement provisions.
    3. During their rostered on-call period the employee will be responsible for remaining within a reasonable distance of their place of work and/or home so that they can provide the appropriate response to an alarm or fault within 30 minutes for critical problems.
    4. The University will provide an “On-call Kit” which will be made available to an employee when they are rostered on-call, and will include necessary equipment to perform duties as required such as:
      • Logbook
      • Laptop Computer/remote access device
      • Cellular phone
      • A swipe card for access to relevant areas
      • Other UNE equipment as required from time to time
      • Out of hours contact list
      • Cab charge vouchers
    5. In the event of a call out, the University will provide access to satisfactory transport arrangements. In determining suitable transport arrangements the University will ensure that preferences are considered and that transport requirements suit the type and likelihood of the nature of call-back which could eventuate. Cost effectiveness of transport options will also be considered in determining suitable transport arrangements.
    6. Rostered “on-call” periods for employees will normally be on a weekly basis and where possible arranged annually. No employee is to be rostered on call for more than an annual average equivalent to one week on call for every three weeks worked unless mutually agreed between the employee and the Head of Cost Centre or nominee.
    7. Equity considerations and the personal preferences of employees will be considered and where possible facilitated. The intention is to give employees responsibility for the sel-fmanagement of the process so their lifestyle preferences can be better accommodated. The final arbiter of the roster will be the relevant Head of Cost Centre or nominee.
    8. In the event of an employee rostered "on-call" falling sick during a rostered period, the employee must notify their Supervisor or nominee who will organise a substitute person to take over the roster. "On-call" allowance will not be paid for sick leave absences of longer than five (5) consecutive days. In the event of a person falling sick before a rostered period of "on-call" commences the roster will be reorganised by the Supervisor or nominee and "on-call" allowances will not be payable for the period of sick leave.
    9. The decision on whether the work will be paid as overtime or taken as time-in-lieu will be determined by the employee.
    10. The provisions of clause 22, Call back Arrangements of this Agreement will apply where an employee is called back to work
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