Schedule 3 - Allowances

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. The allowances contained in this Schedule will be increased in line with agreed salary increases. A UNE Official, that is an email, will be sent to all affected employees advising of these increases

    2. The following allowances will be paid to employees where appropriate:
    3. Allowance Current Rate at date of application of agreement Application  
      Meal Allowances




      Where an employee is required to continue working in excess of 2 hours immediately after normal finishing time (except where overtime work ceases no later than 6.00pm)

      Where an employee is required to work overtime for more than 5 hours on weekends or public holidays.

      Where an employee is required to commence duty on or before 6.00am being 1 hour before the employee’s usual starting time.

      Motor Vehicle Allowance Any size engine 73 cents per kilometre

      Where an employee is required and has been duly authorised in advance by the University to use his/her own vehicle in connection with the University business.

      A motor vehicle allowance will not be paid to an employee who receives an annual motor vehicle allowance to compensate for the continuous use of such employee’s private motor vehicle in connection with University business.

      Tool Allowance

      Carpenter, Drainer, Mechanical fitter, Plumber, Welder: $37.30 per fortnight

      Electrical fitter: $21.36 per fortnight

      Painter: $9.26 per fortnight

      Where an employee is engaged as qualified tradesperson within a trades area of the University and is required to provide their own tools.
      Uniform and Protective Clothing Allowance $14.15 per fortnight Where an employee is required to wear protective clothing or a uniform and such protective clothing or uniform is not provided by the University.
      Travel Allowance – Meal




      per day

      Where an employee will be absent from the University and this absence does not extend overnight, reimbursement of actual costs incurred will be made subject to provision of receipts. The allowances will be paid where the employee leaves before or returns later than the following times:


      Time of leaving

      Time of returning
      7.00 am
      1.30 pm
      6.30 pm
      Travel allowance –Accommodation Actual costs, up to the allowable Australian Tax Office rates as adjusted by the ATO will apply, based on actual receipts/ documentation provided. Where an employee is absent from the University on University business and the absence extends overnight but does not exceed fourteen days (14 days).
      First Aid Qualification Actual cost of training/certification Costs paid to obtain and/or maintain the qualification for an employee formally appointed as a First Aid Officer.
    4. First Aid Allowance —The First Aid Allowance is an annual allowance and will be increased as per the salary increases provided by this Agreement.
    5. Salary as at

      1st Pay Period on or after

      30 June 2012


      1st Pay Period on or after



      1st Pay Period on or after



      1st Pay Period on or after



      1st Pay Period on or after



      1st Pay Period on or after








    6. Health and Safety Representative
    7. Staff elected as Health and Safety Representatives (see Definitions – Clause 7) will be paid an allowance equivalent to the First Aid allowance.

    8. Working Offshore Allowances
      1. This clause only covers overseas placements and short assignments (e.g. attending graduation ceremonies, teaching duties), and does not override other specific provisions for study leave, conference attendance and research/fieldwork. Ongoing costs for long term placements, which involves a change in residency status, will be negotiated with the employee.
      2. The University will pay and arrange for all necessary travel expenses, accommodation, workers compensation and other relevant insurances, medical examinations, visa arrangements, and any other requirements for approved offshore travel and employment.
      3. Employees working overseas on a short-term basis will be entitled to actual costs paid for accommodation and travel; and for meals and incidentals, up to the maximum applicable Australian Taxation Office rates, based on actual receipts/documentation provided.
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