70. Dignity and Respect At Work

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. UNE’s relevant policies and procedures outline that the University is committed to creating and maintaining a working environment of dignity and respect. It is the responsibility of all employees and managers to treat each other with dignity and respect, and to not engage in bullying and harassing behaviours.
    2. Bullying and harassment behaviour is not acceptable. It is behaviour aimed to demean, humiliate or intimidate employees either as individuals or as a group, by: unwelcome and unreasonable behaviour that creates a hostile, uncomfortable or offensive work atmosphere; and/or the misuse of relative and/or assumed power, including unjustifiable differential treatment.
    3. If an employee believes they are being bullied, they should follow information outlined in UNE policy and websites relating to preventing bullying at UNE: talk to someone, seek advice, and achieve resolution. Resolution may be achieved in a range of ways, which may include through UNE’s mediation policy and procedures, or through a complaint process. The grievance procedure at clause 60 of this Agreement can apply.
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