62. Work Health and Safety

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. The University is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. The appropriate UNE Occupational Health and Safety Policy will apply as amended from time to time.
    2. Employees have a right to:
      1. have a safe and healthy workplace;
      2. know what health and safety risks they are exposed to at work;
      3. appropriate health and safety: (i) induction; (ii) instruction, training and supervision;
      4. have the information they need to work safely, such as safe work practices;
      5. access to adequate first aid facilities which will be provided by the University;
      6. provision of personal protective equipment by the University;
      7. a smoke-free working environment.
    3. Employees will be advised through established WHS consultative systems about identified health and safety risks in their work areas and measures to eliminate or control them.
    4. A risk management process utilising the appropriate Australian Standards will be used to determine the number and location of emergency personnel including, first aid officers. During the period of appointment, first aid officers will be paid an allowance as set out in Schedule 3. The first aid allowance will increase in accordance with the salary increases applicable to this Agreement
    5. The University will pay for these employees to obtain and/or renew the appropriate first aid qualification/s.
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