52. Incremental Progression

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. At the conclusion of each 12 month period following an employee’s entry into a classification an employee will be eligible for movement to the next highest salary point within the classification.
    2. An employee will proceed by annual increment to the next salary point within the applicable classification subject to demonstrating satisfactory performance, and where appropriate, acquiring and using additional skills, experience and knowledge within the ambit of the classification.
    3. The withholding of an increment will not be the first indication to an employee that the supervisor has concerns about their performance. An increment can only be withheld where:
      1. supervisor has concerns that an employee’s performance would not justify the award of an increment; and
      2. the employee has previously been informed of the concerns in writing and has been given a reasonable opportunity to respond to the concerns; and
      3. the employee has been given a reasonable opportunity to improve the performance to the standard required to progress to the next incremental step and their performance has not improved.
    4. If the supervisor still has concerns about the employee’s performance then the provisions of clause 53 must be initiated as unsatisfactory performance.
    5. An employee’s increment will be withheld until their performance improves sufficient for the increment to be granted. There will be no retrospective granting of an increment prior to such performance improvement.
    6. Any dispute arising out of this clause will be dealt with in accordance with clause 61, Dispute Resolution Procedures. Where the outcome of the dispute or unsatisfactory performance procedures identify that movement between salary points should have occurred, adjustment to salaries and entitlements will be paid retrospectively to the employee’s anniversary date.
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