49. Secondment

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Secondment at the same or higher substantive level may be offered by the University or may be requested by an employee and agreed to by the University.
    2. Prior to initiating a secondment, consideration shall be given to the suitability of staff:
      1. currently being considered for redeployment into positions; and
      2. who have applied to the University secondment register (for secondments where the duration is six (6) months or less).
    3. A secondment not filled through the process above must be advertised through an expression of interest.
    4. A secondment must not exceed twelve (12) months, except where a strong business case supports a secondment for a period exceeding twelve (12) months, and has Vice-Chancellor, or nominee, approval.
    5. Staff on secondment will return to their substantive position at the end of the agreed secondment period.
    6. The University will support secondment opportunities for continuing staff where they meet the objectives of secondment unless the substantive manager can demonstrate a strong business case for not supporting the secondment.
    7. The University secondment policy and procedures will apply for all secondments.
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