40. Family and Personal Leave

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. A full-time continuing employee will be credited with ten (10) days non-cumulative Family and Personal leave with pay on 1 January each year (or pro rata in the employee’s first year of employment calculated from the date of the employee’s appointment) for the mixed purposes of family/carer leave, compassionate/bereavement leave, religious and cultural leave. A part-time or fixed–term employee will receive an entitlement on a pro rata basis. Casual employees are not entitled to paid family and personal leave but are entitled to unpaid absences of up to 2 days per occurrence for family and personal responsibilities.
    2. Family and Personal leave is available where an employee is unable to attend work because of:
      • family/carer responsibilities. That is, providing care or support to an immediate family member who requires care or support because of:
        • a personal illness, or a personal injury, or
        • an emergency affecting the immediate family member, or
        • the unexpected temporary absence of the usual carer, including the unexpected closure of a child’s school, or
        • a genuine need to provide support to the primary carer of a newborn or adopted child; or
      • bereavement/compassionate reasons where:
        • a member of an employee’s immediate family contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to his or her life, or sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to his or her life, or dies; or
        • a person of importance in the employee’s culture dies, or
        • other reasons of a compassionate nature, given in writing and accepted by the University; or
      • religious, ceremonial and/or cultural reasons such as attendance or participation in particular religious, ceremonial or cultural activities. Activities may include: undertaking the observances of a religion followed by the employee, or where, an employee is a member of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community, participating in the ceremonial and cultural life of that community.
    3. Applications for family and personal leave, including appropriate supporting evidence, must be made in writing and accepted by the University.
    4. For the purposes of this clause, “immediate family member” includes a child (including an adult child, grandchild, adopted child, step child or child for whom the employee is a legal guardian or equivalent), spouse, partner (including same sex partner), former spouse or partner, parent, parent in-law, grandparent, sibling or other family or household member.
    5. In addition to the ten (10) day non-cumulative Family and Personal entitlement in 40.1 above, an employee who has exhausted their Family and Personal leave entitlement may use any available paid sick leave entitlement for family/carer responsibilities. Available sick leave cannot be used for additional bereavement/compassionate, religious, ceremonial and or cultural reasons.
    6. A further two days of unpaid Family and Personal Leave per occasion will be available in the event of an unexpected emergency for employees who have exhausted their Family and Personal Leave entitlement.
    7. In the event that an employee has exhausted their Family and Personal leave an additional two days of paid compassionate/bereavement leave per occasion will also be available to employees.
    8. An employee who is leaving work or unable to attend work due to the need to take Family and Personal leave will inform their supervisor as soon as practicable, stating the nature of the leave requested and the estimated duration of the absence.
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