38. Sick Leave

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Sick leave is an entitlement available to an employee who is suffering from, or recovering from, a personal illness, injury or incapacity. It is the responsibility of employees to access sick leave for this purpose only, and it is the responsibility of the University to manage sick leave absences.
      Employees who are injured at work and submit a workers’ compensation claim will be paid from their sick leave entitlements pending the determination of the claim. Where the claim has been subsequently approved by the insurers, then the employee’s sick leave record will be adjusted.
    2. Paid sick leave is not granted to casual employees including student casual employees.
    3. Where a public holiday, which would otherwise be a working day, falls during a period of sick leave, the absence on the public holiday will not be treated as sick leave.
    4. Unused sick leave will not be paid out at the end of employment.
    5. Sick Leave Entitlements

    6. At the date this Agreement comes into effect all current continuing and fixed term employees will be credited with 100 days sick leave as an opening balance (which will be additional to the entitlement in clause 38.6). This will be their anniversary date for the purpose of credit of sick leave entitlements.
    7. Professional Staff shall be entitled to fifteen (15) days paid sick leave per annum. Untaken paid sick leave will accumulate from year to year.
    8. Sick leave balances will be available on web kiosk.
    9. Part time Professional Staff will be entitled to sick leave on a pro rata basis.
    10. Additional Sick Leave

    11. Additional paid sick leave will be approved by the Vice Chancellor in exceptional circumstances if an employee is seriously ill and suffering hardship and has used up all of their paid sick leave entitlement.
    12. In such circumstances the employee will need to provide sufficient documentation from a medical professional and a return to work plan. Such a plan may include but is not limited to: part time, reduced duties, job sharing and other reasonable adjustments to their duties.
    13. Management

    14. An employee absent from work because of personal illness or personal incapacity will, as soon as practicable, inform the University of their inability to attend for work, and indicate the estimated duration of the absence. The University will protect the privacy and maintain confidentiality of information given by an employee.
    15. An employee who is absent from work on sick leave for more than three (3) consecutive days, or for more than five occasions within a 12 month period, will be required to provide their supervisor with a medical certificate.
    16. Medical certificates will be accepted from the following registered health practitioners: doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, optometrist, physiotherapist, psychologist, midwife, or dentist.
    17. The University may require an employee who has taken more than twenty five (25) days sick leave in any one year of employment to undertake a medical examination for the purposes of obtaining an opinion on the employee’s medical condition.
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