36. Annual Leave

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. An employee, other than a casual employee, will be entitled to 175 hours (210 hours for shift workers) annual leave on full pay for each completed year of service, or on a pro rata basis for any period of service which is less than one completed year.
    2. Part-time employees will be eligible for annual leave on a pro-rata basis. Casual employees are not entitled to annual leave.
    3. The supervisor will ensure that employees are able to take their annual leave entitlement for each year.
    4. Employees are required to submit a leave application to their supervisor in advance of the leave being taken. Annual leave must not be taken unless prior approval is obtained from the relevant supervisor. The relevant supervisor will not unreasonably delay or withhold approval.
    5. Annual leave may not be taken in advance of the entitlement accruing.
    6. Annual leave accrues on a daily basis.
    7. An employee may accumulate a maximum of 40 days annual leave, unless otherwise planned and mutually agreed between the employee and supervisor.
    8. Normally, the employee’s last day of duties is their termination date. Any leave entitlements will be paid out upon termination of employment. Annual leave may be taken immediately prior to resignation or retirement but will not alter an agreed termination date.
    9. If an employee has accrued, without the supervisor’s agreement, an annual leave credit of more than 40 days, the Supervisor and the employee shall agree on a plan to reduce half the employee’s accumulated annual leave credit within a period agreed with the employee. Such period shall commence no later than within six months of the agreement.
    10. If an employee, who is eligible for sick leave, produces a satisfactory medical certificate to the effect that he/she has been incapacitated while on annual leave, the University will re-credit the employee with an equivalent period of annual leave.
    11. Where an employee is granted and takes long service leave or parental leave on half pay, annual leave entitlement will accrue at half the normal rate during the period of leave.
    12. An employee may seek to “cash out” an amount of annual leave in accordance with University policy. Any “cashing out” of annual leave cannot exceed an amount of leave that must be taken at the time that payment is made.
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