32. Leave Management

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Absences from duty i.e. leave, must be covered by a leave application that has been approved by the supervisor, and where necessary with appropriate supporting evidence, and the leave application must be submitted in accordance with relevant University provisions or policies.
    2. To avoid ambiguity, the approval of the supervisor must be sought in advance for the taking of leave, such as annual leave, long service leave, parental leave, and leave without pay.
    3. To further avoid ambiguity, a leave application cannot be avoided by an explanation that the employee will be doing some work while on leave. For example, a week of annual leave cannot be reduced to nil because some work will be done during that week.
    4. A recurring failure to seek approval for leave in accordance with this clause or a recurring failure to submit leave applications may be considered to be unsatisfactory performance.
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