27. Superannuation

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Except as provided in clause 27.5, the University will continue to provide 17% employer contributions to a fund (howsoever called) administered by UniSuper, for new and existing employees in accordance with current eligibility criteria.
    2. Fixed-term and part-time employees employed on a contract of greater than 12 months will also receive the 17% employer contribution. Where a fixed-term or part-time employee accepts a consecutive second or subsequent contract where there is no break in service and that extends their prospective service to more than 12 months, the 17% employer contribution will only be payable from the date of acceptance of the consecutive second or subsequent contract.
    3. For Superannuation Guarantee Contribution members only, the legislated employer contribution will be paid to the UniSuper Accumulation Super 1 account.
    4. All casual employees will have a minimum of an equivalent of 3% of their salary paid to the UniSuper Accumulation Super 1 account. If a casual employee earns more than $450 gross per calendar month, the University will pay the Superannuation Guarantee Contribution employer contribution to the UniSuper Accumulation Super 1 account, inclusive of the 3% employer contribution above.
    5. Should any amendment to the Unisuper Trust Deed make it possible for employer contributions to be varied, the University will allow such flexibility at the employee’s request. Any reduction in the employer superannuation contribution will be paid as salary.
    6. Employees who are currently contributory members of the SSS (State Superannuation Scheme) or SASS (State Authorities Superannuation Scheme) will continue to be entitled to the legislative provisions covering those Schemes.
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