25. Professional Staff Workloads 

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. The parties recognise that overwork is a health and safety issue. Therefore workloads will be manageable and without risk to health and safety.
    2. The University will ordinarily ensure that no employee is assigned a workload which cannot reasonably be undertaken within the employee’s ordinary hours of work and provide a balance between the employee’s goals and aspirations and the goals, needs and commitments of the work unit.
    3. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that unreasonable expectations are not put on employees that result in working excessive hours and it is the responsibility of employees to ensure they are not working excessive hours.
    4. An employee may raise concerns in writing about the level of their workload with their supervisor in the first instance. Workload concerns should be resolved informally at the level at which they arise by the employee who has raised the concerns and their supervisor. Alternatively, the employee may request a Performance Planning, Development and Review meeting to more formally advise their supervisor of their workload issues and seek to resolve these. If the employee’s workload concerns are appropriate then the employee’s workload will be adjusted accordingly.
    5. Where this does not resolve the employee’s concerns, the employee may refer the matters in writing to the Head of the Cost Centre (and provide a copy to the supervisor). The Head of Cost Centre must consult with the supervisor and the Director of Human Resource Services before making a determination. If the Head of Cost Centre is the supervisor of the employee the matter will be referred to their next in-line Manager, who will consult with the supervisor and the Director Human Resource Services, and then make a determination. These determinations are subject to the dispute resolution procedures.
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