23. Stand-Downs

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Where employees are engaged in domestic work in, or in connection with, residential colleges and it is necessary to stand them down when the college is in recess (recess being the period between the end of one trimester and the beginning of the next), they will be paid half ordinary pay for the period during which they have been stood down.
    2. By mutual agreement between the employee and the University (and without duress), an employee may be stood down outside college recess periods, in which case (unless arrangements for time off in lieu have been agreed between the individual and their Head of College) half ordinary pay will apply for the period stood down.
    3. On the completion of four (4) weeks’ service after the period of stand down the period of such stand down will be taken into account when determining the accrual of annual leave and long service leave.
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