22. Call Back Arrangements

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Employees may nominate themselves to be able to be “called back” to perform extra duties outside of their ordinary hours of duty. The employee will not be “on call” but may be contacted if the need arises.
    2. Employees available for “call back” will receive additional remuneration only in cases where they are called back to the University.
    3. Payments for call backs

    4. Where an employee is called back at any time outside of their normal working hours, the appropriate overtime rate will be paid for a minimum of three (3) hours inclusive of a maximum of thirty (30) minutes total travelling time.
    5. Any additional call back within the minimum overtime period, for the same or related problem, will not attract further payment. For example, if an employee is called back at 6.00 pm on a Monday evening and then called back again for the same or related problem at 7.00 pm on the same evening, only one minimum payment of three (3) hours will be paid. Where a single call back extends beyond the three (3) hour minimum, normal overtime rates will be paid for the additional time worked.
    6. All other call backs will be treated as separate calls.
    7. If a call back extends beyond the three hour minimum the employee is entitled to a ten hour break before resuming normal duty.
    8. If an employee is required to use their own vehicle for a call back to their workplace they will be paid mileage allowance for the return journey unless other suitable travel arrangements have been agreed between the employee and their supervisor.
    9. Nothing in this clause restricts the use of flexible working arrangements and/or time off in lieu of overtime as provided for in this Agreement.
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