21. On-Call Provisions

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. "On-call" means the situation in which an employee is required to be contactable and available for duty at all times during a rostered period for emergency, remote monitoring, maintenance and/or breakdown work. An employee “on-call” will not be required to remain at his/her home.
    2. While “on-call” an employee will receive an allowance for each 24 hour rostered period. The allowance will be 30% of the employee’s ordinary daily rate of pay (excluding any bonuses and/or allowances). The on-call allowance is not subject to calculation for superannuation purposes.
    3. Where an employee is able to rectify a fault remotely and the “log on” time is less than thirty (30) minutes, the employee will not receive an overtime payment.
    4. Where an employee is able to rectify a fault remotely and a "log on" session of longer than thirty (30) minutes is necessary, any overtime payable will be paid at the rate of time and one half.
    5. Where an employee is called back to work outside of their normal working hours, overtime will be paid for work time and up to a total of 30 minutes travel time. The payment will be for at least three hours (inclusive of travel time). Any additional return to the University, for the same or related problem, within a minimum overtime period will not attract further payment. Overtime will be paid to the nearest quarter hour (15 minutes).
    6. Where an employee is required to rectify a fault remotely, the normal 10 hour break provisions will apply as if they had returned to the University.
    7. Where necessary, the University will provide the employee with an appropriate on-call kit which may include suitable transport arrangements and suitable means of communication.
    8. For employees employed in the Information Technology Directorate, the additional provisions in Schedule 5 will apply.
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