17. Rosters

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. Where an employee is required to work a roster the following provisions will apply:
      1. Work rosters will be posted in a readily accessible place.
      2. All rosters will indicate the commencement and cessation times of the ordinary hours of work of the respective shifts for each employee.
      3. Changes of shift in rosters will, where possible, be notified at least seventy-two (72) hours before they become operative.
      4. Changes of rosters will, where possible, be notified at least seven (7) days prior to becoming operative.
      5. Provided that a shift or roster may be changed at any time to enable the function of the University to be carried out, where another employee is absent from duty on account of illness or in an emergency, but provided further that if such alteration involves an employee working on a day which would have been the employee's day off, such time worked on that day will be paid at overtime rates.
      6. Places in shifts or rosters may be interchanged by agreement between the employees and the University, provided that the University will not incur additional shift or overtime penalties as a consequence of the interchange.
      7. Employees may be rostered on seventy (70) hours per fortnight when averaged over a full roster cycle.
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