15. Flexible and Family Working Arrangements

  1. Professional staff collective agreement
    1. The University is committed to work strategies to assist employees to balance work and family/life responsibilities. Flexible working arrangements may be entered into in order to accommodate the work requirements of the University and family and work life commitments of employees where there is mutual consent. Supervisors will reasonably consider requests for these arrangements in line with this commitment.
    2. Short term flexible arrangements normally for periods of less than three (3) months, may include:
      1. Flexible start and finish times for a defined period;
      2. Short breaks of an hour or two to resolve personal or crisis situations or to attend appointments off campus;
      3. Leave scheduled to accommodate family, carer or other commitments;
      4. Reduced hours for short, defined periods to enable family, carer or other commitments to be managed;
      5. Planned work programs to avoid unplanned roster changes or the need to work late.
    3. Longer term flexible working arrangements, where authorised, include provisions such as:
      1. flexible hours;
      2. part-time employment;
      3. special arrangements (including leave), e.g. for non-custodial parents and for those with elder care responsibilities;
      4. return to work following Parental Leave;
      5. addressing the specific needs of nursing mothers and new parents;
      6. balancing work and life.
    4. Employees wishing to make application for a short term or long term flexible arrangements will make an application to their Supervisor. Supervisors will reasonably consider the application, and only reject the applications on the grounds that the application cannot be accommodated due to the work  requirements of the University. Employees making an application for a long term flexible working arrangement should nominate the period required in the application. In the event that the request cannot be accommodated, including alternative options explored by the employee and supervisor, then the employee can make application again when circumstances change, or a year after the original application.
    5. Employees wishing to terminate flexible work arrangements prior to the nominated end of the arrangement will be accommodated to the extent possible, given other arrangements which may have already been entered into in the workplace.
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