14. Primary Place of Employment

  1. Primary
    1. Normally, the primary place of employment will be the Armidale campus of the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, unless otherwise determined by the University in order to meet the operational requirements of the University. Employees will attend their primary place of employment as reasonably required by their supervisor to carry out their duties.
    2. Where the University requires an employee to change their current primary place of employment, this change will be determined through consultation and agreement between the University and the employee and will be recorded in writing on the employee’s personal staff file.
    3. Where an existing employee is required by UNE to change their current primary place of employment (e.g. if this is in Armidale, then to a location outside of Armidale), or voluntarily applies for and is appointed to a position, which entails a change to their current primary place of employment outside of Armidale, the University will pay reasonable costs in accordance with the Travel and Removal Assistance Policy.
    4. The Policy provisions relating to reducing assistance pro-rata for part-time or fixed term appointments, or requiring repayment for resignation under two years, do not apply in instances where UNE requires an existing employee to change their primary place of employment.

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