10. Requirement to State Terms of Engagement 

  1. Requirements
    1. Upon employment, the University will provide to the employee a contract of employment, including a position statement (other than for casual employees), that stipulates the type of employment and informs the employee of the terms of engagement. The contract will include:
      1. for employees, other than casuals, the classification level and salary of the employee (which will normally be at the first salary point of a classification unless a higher increment can be justified based on previous relevant full-time equivalent continuing or fixed-term employment), and the hours or the fraction of full-time hours to be worked;
      2. for a fixed-term employee, the term of the employment;
      3. for casual employees, the duties required, the number of hours required, the rate of pay for each class of duty required and a statement that any additional duties will be paid for; and
      4. other main conditions of employment including the duties and reporting relationships to apply upon appointment.
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