9. Commitments

  1. Commitments
    1. The University and its employees are committed to:
      1. treating each other in a fair and reasonable manner and being accountable for their responsibilities;
      2. improving the performance, competitiveness and success of the University in order to achieve sustainable growth;
      3. a culture of mutual respect with consultation, participation, trust, flexibility, collegiality and continuing improvement;
      4. providing an inclusive workplace by preventing and eliminating discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace and achieving equal employment opportunity;
      5. enhancing flexibility and streamlining administrative processes;
      6. a flexible approach to change that reflects the demands in operational requirements;
      7. act in a manner consistent with the protection and promotion of intellectual freedom within the University where employees are able to:
        1. express opinions about issues and ideas related to their professional area of expertise and higher education issues; participate in public debates and debates relating to decision-making processes and express unpopular or controversial views, which do not defame, harass, vilify or intimidate;
        2. pursue critical and open academic inquiry;
        3. express their opinions in their private capacity as an individual member of society, not as a University spokesperson unless authorised to do so; and
        4. participate in professional and representative bodies, including Unions, and engage in community service without fear of harassment, intimidation or unfair treatment.
    2. The expression of opinions and views and the participations outlined in this subclause are not to breach confidentiality.
    3. Intellectual freedom carries with it the duty of employees to use the freedom in a reasonable manner consistent with a responsible and honest search for, and dissemination of, knowledge and truth.
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