8. Consultation Arrangements 

  1. Consultation arrangements
    1. The University is committed to open discussion and direct consultation with employees and Unions about workplace issues. It is recognised that there will be significant consultation during the period of the Agreement on matters involving implementation of this Agreement, operational and cultural change and matters affecting Employees generally or in a particular case. Such matters will be discussed in a spirit of cooperation and trust to ensure that employees and the Unions have an opportunity to raise workplace issues, to receive all relevant information on issues that affect them, to have an opportunity to contribute their views on those issues and to have meaningful involvement in decision making.
    2. A Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) will be established within 1 month of the commencement of this Agreement for the purpose of implementing and monitoring this Agreement. The JCC will be the forum through which UNE, its employees and the Unions consult generally on matters affecting Employees. The JCC will meet a minimum of 4 times per year. Additional meetings can be convened at the request of any member. The JCC shall meet during ordinary hours. Union representatives will be given time release from normal duties for this role.
    3. The JCC shall comprise:
      • 2 CPSU members
      • 2 NTEU members
      • Up to 4 Management nominees
      • The JCC membership is not intended to exclude any employee and does not preclude any staff member from requesting that a specific staff issue be raised through the JCC. An employee may if appropriate attend a JCC meeting for discussion of the issue.

        Composition of the JCC for a particular meeting will be jointly agreed prior to the meeting taking place.

    4. Policy Development – Where the University is considering developing or amending employment related policies (other than administrative changes) it will give advanced notice to the JCC, and will provide draft documentation 10 working days prior to the meeting being held. If after going through the consultation process the University does not agree to any suggestions for changes to draft policy provided by members of the JCC to the University shall provide the reasons as to why suggestions were not incorporated into the new or amended policy. The VC has final approval of all employment related policies.
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