Editing Assets

Editing screens

After selecting the asset you want to edit, you'll get the option of editing the following screens:

  • Details Screen
  • Content Screen (not with events assets)
  • Emails (online form assets only)
  • Metadata Screen
  • Linking Screen
  • URLs Screen.

Screens that enable functionality

The following screens enable functionality to help manage your assets:

  • Workflow
  • Analytics — data available for some higher level live assets only.
Details Screen

All newly created assets are under construction. One you've developed your page content, you make your asset live by using the Details Screen.

1. Status — using the drop-down options, change the asset status to/from Live, Under construction, Safe Edit or Archive. Once the status is changed, click Save.

Asset status colours:

  • Under construction (blue)
  • Live (green)
  • Safe edit (pink)
  • Safe edit — pending (orange)
  • archived (brown). If you need to make an archived asset live again, first put it under construction.

2. Future Status — set a new status for your asset to take effect on a date and time in the future. This is helpful if you want an under construction asset to go live on a particular date and time in the future (or vice versa).

3. Page Name — the title of page, appearing H2.

4. Page Short Name — add or edit the name of page in the Menu.

5. Related Image — only relates to some assets that use thumbnail images e.g. calendar events and some widget types.

Content Screen — standard pages
WYSIWYG editor and tool bar

Extensive WYSIWYG Editor instructions in the Squiz Matrix Manual will provide helpful information about most of the tools in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Content containers

You can add all your page content into one content container,  or you can add additional content containers.

Adding text to content containers

There are two approaches:

  1. Type text directly into a WYSIWYG Content Container and format using the tools.
  2. Copy and paste content from MS Word* or other text edit applications.

*Please note that problematic style tags — e.g. <font> <span> —  can also be copied over from MS Word. Cleaning up unwanted tags is done manually in the source editor by clicking the < > button the WYSIWYG toolbar. See SquizMatrix information about 'Viewing the HTML source code'.

To help eliminate pasting problematic tags, copy your text from MS Word into a script editing application like TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad++ (PC), then paste from there into Edit+.

Adding additional content containers

To create additional content containers, use the + button above or below the default content container on your page.

Content container settings for adding styles to blocks of content

Content containers can be styled individually. You can do this by editing the properties of the content container:

Click the cog icon in the content container header bar.

Styles can be set to content containers.

Add content into to the content containers.

Create additional content containers by clicking on the + button above and below the content container.

Change the properties of the content container buy clicking the cog icon in the content container header bar (see image below).

Choosing content templates
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