Images and Graphics

Creating image and graphic assets in Edit+

In the process of creating an asset in Edit+, you need to select a location for your new asset.

Locate image assets in Media folders

The correct location for all image and graphic assets is a Media folder.

Each School or business area should have one Media folder positioned as a direct child of the area's top-level landing page.

Within your one Media folder, sub folders can be created and named according for different sections within your area's part of the web. The image below, captured from the Research branch of the CMS, illustrates one Media folder as a child asset of the (Research) landing page with sub folders that contain image files.

File names for image and graphic uploads

For identification of your image and graphic files, rename any files named something like this — IMG74636.jpg — to a name that describes the image.

Examples: agbu-logo.png;  orientation-week-lazenby-hall-2017.jpg

Only use the following characters:

  • lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • hyphens.

Steps for creating image assets

1. Go to the Asset Creation Wizard.

2. Select File > Image.

3. In the Image upload dialogue box:

  • Click the Browse button and select your optimised image or graphic
  • Enter a friendly name for the image in the Title window
  • Select No for decorative — our web images should be context specific
  • Enter ALT text
  • Select No for show in menu
  • Create location — select the Media folder or sub folder relevant to your image
    Please note that at this stage you can add more images to upload by click the +Add More button (top left)
  • Select Create
  • After processing, click Edit and make your image live (in the Details screen).

See information about how to optimise an image for the web.

See information about correct naming of image files.

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