Creating Assets

Before you create an asset, you need to know where your asset should best be located within the website's information architecture (IA). The IA is a hierarchical tree of assets, listed in columns or levels, visibly demonstrated by looking at the Asset Finder in Edit+.

See more about organising assets in the IA

Screenshot of the Edit+ buttons to click to create a new asset.To create an asset in Edit+, click 'New' in the top left-hand button options. You'll be taken to the Asset Creation Wizard.

The Asset Creation Wizard

A broad range of assets can be created by using the Asset Creation Wizard.

Diagram showing the asset creation wizard diagram as it appears in Edit+.

From the left-hand menu in the Asset Creation Wizard we have options to create the following asset types:


Standard Page

News Item




Single Calendar Event

Recurring Calendar Event



File bulk upload



Word Doc





Data Record

Once you select the asset type you want to create, you'll be presented with a screen with different fields to complete including:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Link information (for Redirects). You can set links to asset numbers or urls for external links.