Student Equity

Student Equity, in the Special Needs Office, provides advice on equal opportunities for all students, internal and external, to participate in study at UNE.

Student Equity can talk to you about issues relating to harassment, discrimination, vilification (making vicious and defamatory statements) or bullying.

A matter is considered to be equity-based, when you believe you are being discriminated against or harassed in your study because of your sex, sexual preference, transgender status, race, colour, ethnic or religious background, descent or national identity, marital status, disability or age.

If you have any equity-related questions, please contact the Special Needs Office on 02 6773 2897 or

Avenues for addressing Equity Related Complaints

UNE encourages resolution of all issues within the University where possible. As a first point of call, we encourage you to raise the matter with the individual involved, if possible.

You can either contact the Special Needs Office to seek advice, or submit a complaint with the Student Grievance Unit (SGU). SGU offers a formal process to address complaints related to a student's studies or relationship with UNE.

If your complaint is not resolved within the University, you have the right to by-pass University procedures and go directly to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Equity Related Legislation and UNE Policies:

UNE Policies and Procedures
New South Wales Legislation
Commonwealth Government Legislation