Special Needs Support Services

Special Needs Support Services

Study Access Plans (SAP)

Once you have registered with the Special Needs Office, provided relevant health professional documentation and discussed your needs with one of our staff members, we will develop a Study Access Plan (SAP) for you.

A SAP is the formal document, developed for each registered student individually, that outlines recommendations for your study and assessment adjustments. Your SAP does not contain any information about your health condition or situation. It only outlines the support you need.

You are requested to forward your SAP to your unit coordinators, should you require any in-class reasonable adjustments, such as extra time for Moodle tests or the use of a digital recorder during lectures.

Your unit coordinators need to approve and implement all in-class adjustments as well as requests for extensions of time for assignments.

Please note our Mission and Charter, which outlines yours and our rights and responsibilities.

There are a range of services and adjustments that the University may provide to eligible students. These include adjustments to: