Disability Support

Disability Support 

Register for Special Needs Support

The UNE Special Needs Office provides advice and offers practical assistance to students, who require reasonable adjustments for their studies. Some students require extra support, due to learning difficulties, a temporary or permanent disability or health condition, or due to caring responsibilities, to enable them to participate in UNE studies on the same basis as other students. Once students have registered and provided relevant health professional documentation, we develop a Study Access Plan (SAP) in consultation with the student. The SAP is a formal document that outlines recommendations for a student's study and assessment adjustments.

Under the Disability Standards for Education 2005, education providers are required to provide students with special needs with reasonable adjustments to enable them to participate on the same basis as other students in all aspects of university life. For more information, see Disability Education Standards - Your Right to An Education.

Adjustments for Final Examinations

To receive reasonable exam adjustments for permanent and ongoing health conditions, you will need to register with the Special Needs Office by these dates:

  • Trimester 2, 2018 – Friday, 28 September 2018
  • Trimester 3, 2018 – Friday, 18 January 2019

Should you experience new and unforeseen health conditions after this date, please contact the Special Needs Office as soon as possible to discuss your options for the upcoming exam period. Please note that this only applies to situations that occurred on or after the cut-off date and before the students’ exams. UNE cannot guarantee that exam adjustments can be provided at such short notice.

For more information on SAPs and the support we can provide, please see our Support Services site.


UNE acknowledges the responsibilities of carers and the impact caring may have on educational opportunities. The Special Needs Office may provide some support to students, who are carers of family members with special needs. Please contact the Special Needs Office to discuss your situation.

Confidential chat

If you would like to just discuss your situation and the support we may be able to provide, you can make an appointment to talk to one of us on 02 6773 2897 or send us an email on disabilities@une.edu.au.

Please note that all our correspondence with you and documentation you provide to us is strictly confidential and will remain within the Special Needs Office, unless there is an imminent threat to your or another person’s health or life (See also Confidentiality & Privacy). UNE never makes any reference regarding students’ health status on any official documentation, such as academic transcripts.

How to receive special needs support

To receive support from the Special Needs Office, you will need to register with our service. We recommend that you register as soon as you have enrolled, as some of the assistance we provide requires early planning.

  1. Download a “Health Professional Report” (available in PDF & Word)
  2. Printed forms are available from the Student Support Reception Desk. You can find us in the West Wing on the middle floor of T.C Lamble Building, which is opposite from Dixson Library.
  3. Have the Health Professional Report completed by your accredited consulting health professional.
  4. Complete the Online Registration Form and ensure you have scanned copies of your Health Professional Report and any other supporting medical documents available to upload at completion of the form. You will need your UNE login details to access the form.
  5. Carers will need to complete the Carer Registration Form.
  6. You will have an option to discuss your registration with one of our team members. To make an appointment, please call the UNE Student Support Reception on 02 6773 2897. During this appointment the contents of the completed documentation will be discussed along with possible adjustments to your study.
  7. One of our team members will then develop a Study Access Plan (SAP) for you.

If you need assistance to complete the online registration form, please contact us by phone on 02 6773 2897 or by email at disabilities@une.edu.au from Monday to Friday, between 8.30am to 4.30pm.


Disclosing a disability, health condition or other special needs is optional and we understand that it can be a difficult decision to make. Disclosure: It's a personal decision is a useful resource aimed at assisting students in deciding whether to disclose their disability to the University.


When registering with the Special Needs Office, you are required to provide supporting health professional documentation. This information should only be completed and signed by an accredited health professional and must be current, relevant and written in the English language.

You may submit a detailed medical report from your health professional or have them complete

UNE's Health Professional Report (PDF) / UNE's Health Professional Report (Word).

Carers can provide health professional or other (such as Centrelink) documentation detailing the health condition of the person they are caring for as well as confirming and outlining caring responsibilities.

The following is a guide to health professionals recognised by UNE:

  • Mental Health condition - Registered Clinical Psychologist: Psychiatrist, General Physician (if on medication)
  • Vision Impairment – Ophthalmologist
  • Hearing Impairment – Audiologist
  • Physical Disability - Medical specialist; General Physician
  • Learning Disability - Registered Clinical Psychologist (eg. Educational Psychologist)
  • Medical Conditions - General Physician; Medical Specialist
  • Neurological Conditions - Neurologist; Neuropsychologist; Medical Specialist

This documentation needs to be:

  • No more than 2 weeks old for a temporary condition.
  • No more than 12 months old for a permanent condition.

School Board of Studies and paediatric reports will not be accepted.

Reports that are less than 12 months old for a learning disability or a psychometric report with a tertiary/adult emphasis (must have been prepared after the age of 16 years).

Diagnosis of a learning/reading disorder (including Irlen) and support documentation must be undertaken by an accredited specialist e.g. educational psychologist or clinical psychologist.

Centrelink medical certificates will not be accepted.

Either document needs to include the health professional's stamp or business card or be written on their letterhead and include the health professional's signature and registration number. Information must include the following, before reasonable adjustments can be provided:

  • the name of the disability/health condition;
  • the duration of the disability/health condition as permanent (ongoing) or temporary;
  • the impact that the disability/health condition has on tertiary studies, including on formal examinations and assessments;
  • the impact that the disability/health condition has on the use of online study – as this is a condition of enrolment; and
  • the type of reasonable adjustments that may assist with study.

To submit, you can either:

  1. scan and upload this documentation with your registration form;
  2. fax it to the Student Central office on 02 6773 4400;
  3. hand it in in person over the counter at the Student Support consulting rooms, located in the Lamble Building - middle floor (C33) - West Wing; or
  4. mail it to the Special Needs Office, Student Administration and Services, University of New England, Armidale, NSW 2351.

Late submission of the documentation may result in the University not being able to provide reasonable adjustments in a timely manner.

Students may be requested to provide updated documentation, if their condition and adjustments change throughout their time at UNE or their condition was deemed as temporary by their health professional.