Tip Sheets

Help with some of the challenges

Being a student can have its challenges. So we've put together the following resources with lots of ideas to help you succeed and maintain good well-being. Click each topic to see more! Most of our tip sheets below are 2 to 4 pages long.

Commencing at Uni

The A to Z Guide to Social Ethics @ UNE (PDF, 3131.24 KB) is designed to help you understand your social rights and responsibilities while studying at UNE and to also give you a clear sense of what is, and what is not, acceptable behaviour for staff, students or visitors. This Guide is a downloadable 18 page pdf.

Deciding When to Study (PDF, 647.54 KB) Considering the factors that may impact on your ability to start, or continue, studying at university can make the difference between stress and success.

Tips To Help Mature Students Orientate to University Study (PDF, 354.21 KB) Mature students bring a wealth of knowledge to tertiary study. Discover how to play to your strengths and overcome challenges at university.

How To Get The Most Out Of Orientation (PDF, 597.83 KB) Tips to get the balance of information seeking, socialising, and settling in right in those first few weeks of university life.

Guide To Overcoming Homesickness (PDF, 672.73 KB) Many students experience homesickness when starting uni. Know that this is normal but also learn strategies to start enjoying where you are.

Tips for International Students (PDF, 185.17 KB) We recognise that many international students face unique challenges. This tip sheet looks at common sources of stress but, more importantly, recommendations for how to better manage them.

UNE Parent, Partner and Friends Information Guide (PDF, 7751.51 KB) A guide for parents, partners and friends on how you can best support someone close to you who has just commenced study at UNE.

Managing Priorities

Time Tips for Trimesters (PDF, 708.39 KB) Includes a range of time and self-management tips for balance and flexibility in how you complete your studies within a trimester model.

Tips for Students Raising Families (PDF, 241.34 KB) Many of you are raising families while studying and we've asked you to share your secrets to success in this tip sheet.

Managing Work and Study (PDF, 356.8 KB) Tips for planning ahead and balancing casual, part-time or full-time work with the demands of study - please note, we do not recommend concurrent full-time work and full-time study.

Online Students: Your Survival Guide (PDF, 729.94 KB) This provides beginning online students with some practical information about how to access academic, personal and financial assistance at university, as well as some tips on time management and strategies for building confidence in your academic ability.

Managing Internet Distractions  (PDF, 146.18 KB) Tips for how to limit the effect of online distractions on your study.

Managing Stress Levels

Managing Life Stresses (PDF, 190.15 KB) Find out more about how stress affects us physically, emotionally and cognitively, along with strategies for dealing with it while you are studying.

Unwind with Meditation and Relaxation (PDF, 200.47 KB) This tip sheet focuses on the practice of meditation, explores what it is, how it is beneficial and how to go about incorporating meditation in everyday life.

Mindfulness In A Student's Life (PDF, 128.27 KB) Discover how the practice of mindfulness, attending to the present, can improve your study.

Perform Well: Dealing with Examination and Performance Anxiety (PDF, 360.99 KB) This explores how you can change your thinking and your behaviour in order to reduce any anxiety about completing exams or presentations of your work.

Emotional Wellbeing for Law Students (PDF, 281.51 KB) Quick and easy tips to manage the demands of being a law student. These tips are also relevant to students in other disciplines of study.

Emotional Ups and Downs (PDF, 272.39 KB) Tips on how to tolerate emotional discomfort or painful feelings in the midst of all the other things important in your life.

Studying When Distracted (PDF, 263.32 KB) This gives strategies for refocussing on your studies when unexpected stressors arise.

Overcoming Perfectionism  (PDF, 224.31 KB) Practical tips on how to identify perfectionistic thoughts and behaviours and  turn these thoughts and actions into examples of healthy striving!

Studying Effectively

Study Gym: (PDF, 317.7 KB) Be your own "personal trainer", boost your confidence as a student, overcome any exam or presentation anxiety, manage your time, avoid procrastination, and improve concentration and memory for effective exam revision.

Staying on Track: Escaping the Procrastination Trap and Staying Motivated (PDF, 266.19 KB) This helps you become aware of the underlying reasons for your procrastination and what maintains the habit. It gives you some strategies to move forward and stay motivated.

Concentrate Better and Remember More - Concentration and Memory Tips (PDF, 279.01 KB) This contains information about improving your memory and your ability to concentrate, especially in a study session or when preparing for exams.

How To Apply for Extensions, Specials, And/Or To Appeal Results   (PDF, 387.43 KB) Processes you need to know if seeking a short extension of time for overdue work,"special" longer extensions, "special" consideration for exams, "special exams" sat at a later date, or to appeal any results.

How to Stay Sane While Writing a Thesis (PDF, 188.75 KB) Hints to help you survive writing a research thesis, either at Masters or PhD level. It addresses how to get the best out of your supervisor, finding a topic and maintaining a focus and direction, time management, maintaining self-confidence through the highs and lows, pushing through a writer's block, and working in isolation.

Tips for Research Success  (PDF, 279.86 KB) Further tips for higher degree research students that ideally are read in conjunction with the above tip sheet.

Myths vs Facts about Higher Degree Research   (PDF, 187.64 KB) This third tip sheet for higher degree research students is also best read in conjunction with the two above. It dispels some of the myths that students have about undertaking a research degree, so that students do not self-sabotage their studies even before they start.

Thriving On Placement (PDF, 177.4 KB) If you are a student enrolled in a course that requires you to complete a placement, internship, fieldtrip or some sort of practicum, then this tip sheet is for you.

Tips for Joint Medical Program Students (PDF, 288.6 KB) This tip sheet recognises some of the unique pressures that students undertaking medicine face, and the importance of establishing good skills to maintain one's mental health and overall wellbeing.

Maintaining Good Relationships

Clear, Positive Communication With Staff (PDF, 382.22 KB) Tips for how students can best achieve clear, positive, respectful communication with staff at UNE, and maximise their needs being addressed.

Getting the Most from Social Media  (PDF, 168.06 KB) Tips for students to best manage their communication on social media to maximise positive engagement and minimise distress.

Living In A Shared House (PDF, 796.76 KB) This gives strategies for how to keep things fair, friendly, and fun in a share house arrangement.

Ending A College Relationship (PDF, 117.91 KB) Includes tips on how to end a relationship in a way that minimises future conflict, confusion and hurt feelings.

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex? (PDF, 181.13 KB) If you and your Ex do wish to be friends, here are some tips on how to avoid common issues and to work towards a happy and healthy friendship.

Overcoming Shyness And Making Friends (PDF, 148.75 KB) Quick and easy strategies to help you overcome your shyness and connect with others.

Tips to Survive Visits Home  (PDF, 392.27 KB) Whether you live in college, a share house, or are still living at home, here are some tips to help you and your family cope with your transition to being more independent - especially when you are home during uni breaks.

Bullying. It's not OK (PDF, 501.9 KB) This tip sheet gives facts to help you identify what bullying is, and what you can do to protect and support yourself or others experiencing repeated behaviours intended to cause distress or harm.

Staying Healthy

Helping Someone You are Concerned About (PDF, 232.17 KB) Tips to help you support someone you are concerned about - how to notice if there is a problem, how to approach the person, and the support options you can consider.

The Power of Sleep (PDF, 767.06 KB) This addresses how much sleep we need, and explains how and why sleep is important - especially for students, study, and all-round mental and physical health. There are also  the do's and don'ts of getting a good night's sleep.

Enhancing Your Self-Esteem (PDF, 581.9 KB) This gives useful strategies to improve your self esteem, and includes paper and pen exercises to help you understand how your thoughts influence your self-esteem in either a positive or negative way.

Healing and Pain Management  (PDF, 311.42 KB) This explores different approaches to pain management including psychological approaches and practical strategies.

Beating the Winter Blues (PDF, 218.02 KB) Learn how to stay healthy, positive and energised during our winter months.

Keeping Your Grass Greener (PDF, 15904.55 KB) A wellbeing guide for medical students - a joint publication by the Australian Medical Students' Association and the New Zealand Medical Students' Association.