Sexual Health Information

This page directs you to a range of informative sexual health web sites.

STIs Info

Check out NSW Health's  Play Safe web page for information about safe sex, common STIs, condoms, testing, and treatment. Also check out the Sexual Health Info Link for more NSW specific information.

The Safe Sex No Regrets brochure is a 16 page booklet with information on sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, available in 13 languages.

The Western Australia Aids Council also has a web site called Safe Sex No Regrets which includes probably everything you could want to know about keeping sex safe!

Online Sexual Health Checks

You can learn more about sexual health symptoms via the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (Alfred Hospital) iSpy STI sexual health symptom checker.

You can also check for STI symptoms and other health symptoms via the healthdirect Australian government funded online symptom checker.

If you have any concerns about your sexual health, do have a sexual health checkup with your GP or nearest sexual health clinic.

Educational Resources and Campaigns

You can do your bit to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs by educating others. Red Aware is an organisation that empowers youth to take direct action to promote sexual health.