UNE Owned Machine FAQ

Am I on the UNE domain?

You are logged into the 'UNE' domain if at the time of logging into your computer the third field (below the password field) has 'UNE' displayed before clicking to login. Some machines don't have a third field when logging on, i.e. MAC computers and thus you are not on the domain.

How do I get Sophos for a PC on the 'UNE' domain (explained above)?

Sophos is part of the UNE image and should be pre-installed on your computer. If for some reason it isn't, please email the Service Desk (servicedesk@une.edu.au) with the name of your machine (instructions below) and we will push the Sophos software to your computer.

Be aware an unprotected computer can become infected with viruses in minutes so please do not delay in organizing the installation.

Find your machine name on PC:

Go to control panel → Double click on System → Click on the Computer Name Tab → Machine Name is found next to Full Computer Name e.g. UNE_001.ad.une.edu.au

How do I get Sophos for a University owned MAC Computer?

MAC users will have Sophos installed as part of the UNE image However, should an additional installation be necessary, please contact the IT service desk

Can I opt out of Sophos?

It is a requirement that all machines connected to the University network be protected with Sophos Antivirus. Therefore, once Sophos antivirus is installed on your system, it cannot be uninstalled unless permission is granted by the central administrator. If you have a genuine case for uninstalling Sophos please contact the Service Desk via email. The implementation of Sophos antivirus is to protect the UNE computing environment by reducing malware infection, data loss and malicious URLs.

The introduction of a centrally managed antivirus product is in the best interest of the university and is supported by the University's IT Security Policy (D10/39292) and the Rules for the Use of Information and Communication Facilities and Services (D09/112214).

I am a University staff member that works from another location, i.e. Sydney how do I get Sophos?

All University staff or people associated with the University conducting University business are entitled to use Sophos. Please refer to the "How do I get Sophos for a PC not on the 'UNE' domain?" question in the FAQ above.

I am a Postgrad student working at the University, which version of Sophos should I install on my computer?

If you are using a UNE owned machine; you should install the Sophos for Staff on UNE owned machines. If you are logged into the UNE domain (explained above) then the new program should install automatically. If you are not logged into the domain, you will need to use the Sophos Installation CD available from the Service Desk. Do not install the Sophos for home computers on your machine.

If you are using your personal computer on the University's network, then the Sophos for home computers should be installed. Please refer to the information in the Sophos for Home computers for further instructions.

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