2014 International Student Barometer Survey

This summary shows areas where you felt UNE is doing a great job and others areas you would like UNE to improve on. 34 Australian Universities participated in this survey (in total 180 Universities from 16 countries) which covered everything from why you chose UNE, to your arrival and your experience while at UNE. UNE will use your responses to continue to build and improve on services, experiences and physical resources in the areas you have identified to us.


Survey Result

Comments and Actions by UNE

Would you encourage or actively encourage people to apply for UNE?

Yes - 80% of responses

Increase on previous survey results

Was Australia your first choice for international education

Yes – 87% of responses

Increase on previous survey results

Arriving at UNE

Top 4 things you said UNE did well on your arrival

  1. Bank account
  2. University Orientation
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Meeting staff

The 4 things you said UNE can improve on for future arrivals


What UNE is doing to improve on these

  1. Internet access

Wireless has been 'rolled out' to all areas of UNE during 2014.

The NBN Network is available as an alternate.

Assisting with enrolment during Orientation to allow student access to internet.

Immediate access to internet available at UNE International and Dixson Library.

Emergency internet access available in Residences.

UNE has improved 16% since our 2010 Survey.

  1. Host friends

Scheduling more events and activities to allow students to mix with fellow students from Australia and other countries

  1. Accommodation condition

Wright College opened in 2014.

Refurbishment of Mary White College completed.

Schedule of works for refurbishment of other Colleges has been planned.

  1. First night

Raising awareness of 'Pick up' welcome meet and greet services available to all new students.

Learning/Academic Related

Top 4 things you said UNE did well related to your academic experience

  1. Expert Lecturers
  2. Virtual Learning
  3. Learning support
  4. Academics' English

The 4 things you said UNE can improve on related to your academic experience


What UNE is doing to improve on these

  1. Opportunities to teach

This is an area UNE still needs to improve on as the survey percentage remains the same as the 2010 survey

  1. Careers advice

UNE is developing a strategy to improve and introduce careers advice earlier into your academic experience

  1. Work Experience

The survey shows UNE has improved in this area since the 2010 survey by 10%

  1. Employability

UNE has improved by 7% since the 2010 survey

Living Related

Top 4 things you said UNE did well related to your living experience

  1. Eco-friendly attitude
  2. Campus environment
  3. Home friends
  4. Good place to be

The 4 things you said UNE can improve on related to your living experience


What UNE is doing to improve on these

  1. Earning Money

UNE Life Advocacy & Welfare to assist students find part-time employment

  1. Accommodation cost

All Residential accommodation costs will be reduced for 2015

  1. Financial support

Completion scholarships for PhD students

International Student Loans

  1. Transport links

Second airline with direct link to Sydney commenced operation – REX

UNE Safety and Security continue to offer evening and weekend free transport to Colleges and Smith House if students need to work back on campus

Support Related

Top 4 things you said UNE did well related to support

  1. IT Support
  2. International Services
  3. Services UNE
  4. Campus eating places

The 4 things you said UNE can improve on related to support


What UNE is doing to improve on these

  1. Clubs/Societies

More funding has been allocated to allow for increased ongoing activities during 2014

  1. UNE Medical Centre

During 2014 has increased opening hours and number of student appointments available

Bulk billing of invoices

Additional Doctor employed

  1. Residential Central

New Wright College opened to allow for more on campus accommodation options

  1. Finance Department

Cashier located on campus in New England Mutual

Processes are regularly reviewed

You also had a chance to make general comments which we will follow up on. Below is a small sample of these.

Recommendation Comments

"UNE is ideally located to support learning for students. The support facilities are state of the art and more than anything else, the friendliness of people around the Australian hospitality is the best part of what UNE offers in addition to the quality of education"

"Quiet learning environment"

"Its just a wonderful place to study"

"It has both good and bad things"

"I would explain pro and cons. There are several benefits in study at UNE as well as drawbacks"

Arrival Comments

"It really impressed me that I had a super big welcome from UNE. The friendly staff, the 'Great race' and many other beautiful memories. I love being a student in UNE!'

"I didn't know the importance of getting driving is very important in Armidale before I came. May be some traffic rule introduction may help a lot understanding the traffic rules"

"The university should provide orientation of all schools and course coordinator staff. There should be orientation on how to select units and what is going to be taught in a specific course"

Learning Comments

"Sometimes the wifi in School is not good"

"Provide more working opportunities in the field that we study. Giving chances to the students with financial problem to do some campus part-time job to support their study"

"I am being able to learn many things in and out of the class room in this university. I am really impressed with the quality provided by this university"

"Moodle is confusing"

Living Comments

"It is hard for cycling"

"I'm just comfortable"

"There should be more frequent public transports from and to university campus with smaller buses in 7 days/week"

"The environment is ok and safe. The cost of living is however high, accommodation, food and transport"

Support Comments

"I would like to extend gratitude to the great efforts of international office to organise many events for our international students to learn much more about Australia"

"Awesome people at Research Services"

"Some supports are satisfied but some are not. It needs some improvements"

"The support service as a whole was very useful. The main draw point is the amount of service available. If you have problems with as assignment, food or most student concerns, it's very easy to find someone to express yourself and be heard"

Advice Comments

"It's a college life, have fun and enjoy, know what you are here for. Use amazing facilities from the university like library and all. But never forget that the first option amongst all is to STUDY. Hand in your assignments on time study well and enjoy. That's it!"

"UNE is a good university, but you need hard working"

"UNE is good place for serious studies with a nice natural scenery"

"Armidale might not be the biggest and the craziest city you can find in Australia, but I think that's for the best. It's easier to meet people as everybody knows each other, easier not to get lost, and much cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne!"

"UNE is definitely a place to be at! Diverse people, culture and great learning"