COVID-19 Updates

Updated: 19 March, 2020

This page is designed to provide International Students with updates concerning the current COVID-19 outbreak and any impact it may have on their student experience. The responses outlined below are the view of the UNE International Office only.

Please monitor this page as we continue to update it as the situation evolves.

On-Campus Events

With the growing concern about COVID-19 within UNE and our respective campus communities, we have made the tough decision to cancel/defer events hosted by our office due to take place in Trimester 1.

UNE International will not be hosting, participating in or promoting any events taking place during this time. We understand that this is particularly disappointing for those who have only just joined us for Trimester 1 studies. Rest assured, we are getting creative with ways we can keep you engaged (and entertained!) in the online space. This includes an online First Aid Information Session and Mental Health Seminar that will both have a LIVE Q&A with the respective hosts! We are currently developing interesting and enjoyable online content for you that will include film, music, educational videos and helpful how to’s on staying well physically and mentally.

At this stage, we are looking to resuming events and activities at the start of Trimester 2. However, we know that updates are constantly coming in and the situation is changing rapidly. We will review our position on events under guidance from the Australian Government and Health Officials at the start of Trimester 2 and will keep you informed.

Some events and activities hosted by other departments at UNE are still planned to go ahead at this stage. We are advising caution regarding attending any larger gatherings or events that will put you in close proximity with others, but ultimately that decision lies only with you.

Community Events

UNE International is not advising participation in or involvement in community gatherings, events and/or activities. The Australian Government has banned all indoor gatherings of 100 people or more, and outdoor gatherings of 500 people or more.

This is subject to change and we will ensure we keep you informed. Where possible we are advising that you limit your time spent in social settings, particularly if you or someone you know is unwell. Many events across local communities and the state of NSW are being cancelled. Please be mindful of this and remember it is up to all of us to employ our social responsibility in reducing the risk of community transmission and infection.


The Government has officially put in place a two-week enforced self-isolation for all international travelers coming in to Australia. If you know someone due to fly in to Australia in the near future, please check in and make sure they are aware of these restrictions and encourage them to self-isolate.

If you are intending on travelling anywhere outside of Australia in the near future, please consider making amendments to your travel arrangements where possible. If you cannot make changes to your travel bookings, a reminder to you that self-isolation will be required for a two-week period once you re-enter the country.

Strict penalties are in place if you do not adhere to these isolation requirements post-international travel.

The Government has also advised all people in Australia not to travel overseas in the foreseeable future.

Health and Wellbeing

The following are simple measures you can put in place to help stay healthy at this time:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with a soap bar or liquid soap (where possible).
  • Use hand sanitizer more regularly.
  • Cough and/or sneeze into your elbow. Do not cough/sneeze into your hand or without any coverage over your face.
  • If you are feeling unwell and wish to present to your doctor, please call ahead and advise them of your symptoms. Please do not attend class or work if you are presenting with any symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose and/or shortness of breath. Book in to see a doctor and get the all clear FIRST.
  • Stay warm! It is getting colder and with the change in season comes other nasty bugs and infections.
  • Check in with friends and family – a text, a video message or a short visit where possible will remind others you are thinking of them during this time.
  • Do not panic-buy. We know the shelves are empty at most supermarkets with toilet paper and long-life items out of stock, but there is no need to panic-buy. Shop as usual where you can and spread a message of calm among your friends and family.
  • Eat well! We will be sharing some easy and nutritious meals to make as we approach the winter season that will give a nice big boost to your immune system.
  • Get plenty of rest.

If you are in anyway concerned that your studies are being affected during this time, please be sure to contact us at so we can assist you.

We understand this is a strange time at present and information can be confusing. Know that our International Office is here to support you where we can and keep you informed with updates as they come through. Be diligent in checking your student emails and if you have questions, please ask us.

If we all come together as a community and do our best to limit the spread of this new infection and take care of one another, we can have a lasting impact.