Women's Wellness Program

Women's Wellness Program

UPDATE: 13 May, 2020

We are bringing women together (online) in the name of well-being, mental health, female health and sexual health (to name a few).

These are all topics that women have come across before, but our hope is to provide you with a space where you feel comfortable deepening your understanding and starting conversations about your own experiences so you can live more positive and healthy lives.

Each fortnight on Wednesday at 5pm EST we will be uploading content that is focused on a particular topic. In the days to follow, we will share some other interesting and useful content relating to that topic for you to enjoy via our online Facebook group. We know it isn't the same as connecting face-to-face, BUT, we want you to know that we are #InThisTogether and this group can be an online community just for you

The group will be a space where you can ask questions, chat to one another, share your thoughts and educate yourself on a number of things relating to women's health and wellbeing. It's an open space and we want you to feel supported.
Thankfully we can now reach other individuals outside of Armidale, in fact, all across the world! We will pick up face-to-face sessions eventually but now we've gone digital we'll be keeping up our virtual presence into the future well past this COVID-19 situation.

The first session is going to be shared this Wednesday 25 March at 5pm EST, via this webpage and our Women's Wellness Program Facebook group, so keep an eye out!

Upcoming Sessions

Wednesday 25 March

Yoga - Follow along at home with this beginners yoga 1-hour session.
Your instructor will guide you through some simple movement sequences and will leave you feeling refreshed and restored!

Tune in here or via the Women's Wellness Program group on Facebook at 5pm EST.

Thursday 2 April

Sydney Opera House has launched a digital season full of unmissable full-length performances, live recordings and never-before-seen footage from the Opera House archives.

In her brilliant memoir Know My Name, artist and writer Chanel Miller delivered an honest and powerful account of resilience, power and transcendence, and, importantly, took ownership of her own story and identity. In this recording from All About Women 2020, Festival Director Edwina Throsby talks to Chanel about how one brave voice can begin to change the system.

Tune in online via this link tomorrow from 6pm!

Wednesday 8 April

Nutrition Workshop -  eat well and feel great! Conducted by local dietitian Anna Hicks, this session will provide useful information on healthy eating, balance and making better nutritional choices.

Tune in here or via the Women's Wellness Program group on Facebook at 5pm EST.

Wednesday 22 April

Mindfulness Seminar - want to try mindfulness but not sure where to begin? Learn the basics and how to get started at this session. Mindfulness has been linked to decreased stress and sadness and increased levels of focus and happiness.

Tune in here or via the Women's Wellness Program group on Facebook at 5pm EST.

Wednesday 6 May

Dance Class - Let's boost the positive vibes and get the endorphins flowing with this beginner dance class with local teacher Melissa Killen! Take it outside, in your lounge room, wherever you have any space and get moving!

Tune in here or via the Women's Wellness Program group on Facebook at 5pm EST.

Wednesday 13 May

We recently hosted an online webinar with Wellbeing Coach and teacher, Catherine Creagan. Cat is an Armidale local who has a refreshing take on wellbeing, what it is and how it can positively impact our lives.

If you missed the webinar, we have written up an article on the session and have included more information on the 5 key messages on wellbeing provided by Cat. Have a read here!

This list will be updated by Wednesday 22 April with the next five sessions. 

For any questions or queries please contact uneinternational@une.edu.au.