2016 Engagement Award Application

You are required to submit a referee’s report along with your application. Your referee's report is a very important part of your application and can make a real difference to the success of your application.

You should discuss your application with your referee and provide them with the final copy of your application. Please remember your referee will have many commitments and you need to give them enough time to prepare your report. Please direct your referee to the ONLINE REPORT form and ask them to complete it. Please note:

  • The application must be received by 11.59pm, Thursday 15th September 2016.
  • The referee's report must be received by 11.59pm, Tuesday 20th September 2016.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Not all questions are of equal weight. The % are indicated beside each question.

Further information on how to complete your application is available on the Moodle site. If you are having trouble completing the online application form please email vcscholars@une.edu.au for further information or assistance on how to submit your application. When submitting your application be patient, particularly if you are uploading supporting evidence, as it may take a little while to go through.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please read the Vice-Chancellor's Scholar Engagement Award Terms and Conditions

Personal Details

Proposal Outline (20%)

Proposal Justification (35%)

Proposal Outcomes (30%)

Budget (15%)

Please list budget items, for example: Travel; Accommodation; Meals/incidentals; Conference/ Course Registration costs/fees; Equipment, Maintenance and Specialised Services. You are required to list at least one budget items.

Do not estimate amounts. You should indicate sources for quotes from travel agents or travel websites regarding travel or accommodation which can be confirmed closer to the time. For Australia, you can use the Taxation Determination TD 2016/13 for estimations regarding accommodation (if unknown) and meals/incidentals. For international destinations you can use the United Nations ICSC World Data.

A case supporting each item claimed for payment must be made.

You should choose an activity that fits within the allocated budget. The total amount requested must not exceed $4000 by more than 10%.

Additional information is available on the Moodle Portal on budgeting. If you are unsure of how to complete your budget please seek assistance.

Items* Budget justification (specifically link budget item to project/activity need)* Amount requested*

Please add any additional budget items, additional comments or anything you think requires clarification.

Current Scholarships or Prizes

If you have not received any scholarships, please enter N/A.

Supporting Documentation

Please attach any additional documents to support your application. Only PDF or Word Document file types under 2MB will be accepted.

Student Declaration

Privacy Statement

The information provided on this application form is being collected to assess your application for the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar Engagement Award.

This information will be assessed by the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar Governance Committee. If you are offered an award, this information, together with any additional information provided to support your application will be retained for administrative purposes.

The supply of this information is voluntary; however, if you do not supply all the requested information we may not be able to assess your application.

Please visit UNE's Privacy Management Rule for more information

Information submitted is correct and complete
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Permission to access my academic record for the information of the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar Governance Committee
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Publicity Purposes
I acknowledge that, if successful, the University may use information from this application and contact me for publicity purposes and that my name may be listed as a successful candidate in University of New England publications and on the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar website *
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