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Self managed online workshops

Many students like to plan and manage their own learning. Term and trimester breaks offer some time out to pick up on your skills, particularly those skills that you know need a tune up!

Find out about tUNEup from home, an optional on-line learning support program for students who may not be confident about studying or writing at university and who would like to do some preparation at home before embarking on their studies.

Listed below are workshops providing information and/or interactive exercises for learning strategies, academic reading and writing, maths and stats, referencing, oral presentation strategies, research and computer skills, and rules for writing. You may elect to train yourself or use the site to help you with specific problems as they arise in your academic work. Spend some time browsing and get to know what the site offers for you!

Successful Assignment Writing

The content from previously offered workshops on research and referencing, academic writing and perfecting your writing has been compiled into a series of video based lessons in the Academic Skills Office Seminar Sessions Moodle site.

The Successful Assignment Writing workshops will still run during the intensive school period.

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On-campus/Internal Students
TBATime Management and Learning How to Learn12-1pmTBA
TBAStudy Gym12-1pmTBA
TBAPlanning Written Assignments12-1pmTBA
TBAReferencing and Using Sources12-1pmTBA
TBACritical Reading 12-1pmTBA
TBAAcademic Writing Style12-1pmTBA
TBAExam preparation12-1pmTBA

Off-campus/External Students - webinar series

These webinars will be hosted through the Academic Skills Office Seminar Sessions Moodle site. To join a webinar, click on the link above and follow the directions in the site. If you cannot attend, the sessions will be recorded, so you can access the recordings of past sessions from this same link.

19/11/18Study Gym12-1pm
20/11/18Using sources and avoiding plagiarism12-1pm
21/11/18Planning written assignments12-1pm
22/11/18Time Management12-1pm
26/11/18Academic writing style12-1pm
27/11/18Critical reading12-1pm
28/11/18Exam preparation12-1pm

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Intensive school workshops (on-campus)



Academic Writing and Referencing (Intensive School period) 5.30-6.30pmTBA
TBAAcademic Writing and Referencing (Intensive School period)5.30-6.30pmTBA

* Please take note - all sessions will be run ON CAMPUS during the intensive school periods

Book for an Academic Skills for Post Graduate Students Workshop

Academic skills for postgraduate students

The content from previously offered Honours and HDR workshops has been compiled into a series of video based lessons here on the ASO website.

The workshop series below is offered on campus only. For HDR and Honours students who are unable to attend these sessions, please be aware that most of the sessions will be offered by webinar also. More information will be sent out through the HDR_RAP Resources and Advice Portal.

Research students should also check the research support workshops offered by the library.


Working with supervisors



TBACritical thinking/Critical Reading 12.00-1.00pmTBA
TBAYour literature review: The search12.00-1.00pmTBA
TBAKeeping a Research Diary12.00-1.00pmTBA
TBAWriting the literature review12.00-1.00pmTBA
TBASystematic reviews and meta-analyses12.00-1.00pmTBA
TBAThesis by publication12.00-1.00pmTBA
TBAUsing Sources12.00-1.30pmTBA
TBAAcademic writing for the thesis12.00-1.30pmTBA
TBAHow to stay sane while writing a thesis12.00-1.00pmTBA

You can enrol by calling 6773 3600 OR booking online.

Book for an Exam Preparation Workshop

Exam preparation workshop

Exams can be quite a stressful time for students. This workshop will provide you with strategies to prepare for exams, and with strategies to use during your exam to improve your chances of success.

Date Workshop Time Venue
TBA Exam Preparation / Strategy 12-1pm TBA

You can enrol by calling 6773 3600 OR booking online.