Peer led study groups

Peer led study groups provide opportunity for students to meet at regular times each week and work collaboratively with a senior student who has successfully completed the unit - someone who has “been there and done that” -  to understand the content and requirements and develop the study strategies needed for doing well in the unit. You can ask questions, discuss concepts, get help with difficult topics, work through examples, review notes, share study strategies, prepare for exams and assessment tasks in a supportive relaxed environment.

"It’s like extra study…and you’ve got help by your side"

Student feedback, 2015

"I felt 'reassured' by the sessions and was able to gain practical strategies that I could apply to my studies. Additionally, I benefitted from an opportunity to ask 'basic questions' (again) and revise material that had given me some trouble."

Student feedback,  2017

Trimester 2, 2018 timetable

UnitSession timeLocationLeader
AFM101Monday 7-8 pmAdobe Connect*Gage
 Tuesday 7-8 pm Adobe Connect*Gage
 Tuesday 11 am - 12 noonW40-TR4Gage
AFM103Monday 1-2 pmW40-TR1Rourke
 Thursday 6-7 pmAdobe Connect*Rourke
 Sunday 8-9 pm Adobe Connect*Rourke
AFM112Monday 8-9 pm Adobe Connect*Damien
 Tuesday 8-9 pmAdobe Connect*Damien
 Friday 11 am - 12 noonW40-TR1Damien
ECON102Wednesday 8-9 pmAdobe Connect*Tommy
 Friday 8-9 pmAdobe Connect*Tommy
 Friday 11 am-12 noonW40-TR5Tommy

LSSU251 (Domestic students)

Friday 1-2 pmW40-TR2Gage
 Sunday 7-8 pmAdobe Connect*Gage
LSSU251 (International students)Friday Group 1, 1-2 pmW40-TR1Gloria
 Friday Group 2, 2-3 pmW40-TR1Gloria
 Friday Group 3, 3-4 pmW40-TR1Gloria
LSSU391 (Domestic students)Tuesday 7-8 pmAdobe Connect*Belinda
 Friday 12-1 pmW40-TR5Belinda
LSSU391 (International students)Friday Group 1, 11 am - 12 noonW40-TR3Lenora
 Friday Group 2, 12-1 pmW40-TR3Lenora
ANAT120Tuesday 3-4 pmW34-336Adrianna
CHEM120Tuesday 12-1 pmW34-336Olivia
 Thursday 1-2 pmW34-336Bethany
MTHS110Monday 11am - 12 noonW34-336Mitch
STAT100Tuesday 2-3 pmCO26-lab2Nick
 Wednesday 1-2 pmW055-3.301Dom

* Log into Adobe Connect through your Moodle unit "Learning together".