Academic Integrity Module (AIM) and Tertiary Literacy Assessment (TLA)

What is the AIM?

Academic integrity is a core principle of the University of New England, a principle that is embodied in legislation, regulation, and as an ethical commitment of the University itself. The University provides the Academic Integrity Module, which includes videos, practical exercises, quizzes and links to resources designed to help you understand what it means to act with academic integrity and the consequences of misconduct.

Completing the AIM is mandatory. It is the responsibility of all students to successfully complete the AIM before submitting the first assessment. Access to assignments in the unit Moodle sites is restricted from view if you have not completed the AIM.

Once completed, the AIM badge will appear on your Moodle profile page.

You only have to complete the AIM once, so if you have completed the AIM in Trimester 3, 2015 or later you do not have to complete it again.

The AIM is in Moodle with your other units. A link to it appears in the ‘Other Moodle sites’ section of the ‘myUnits and Services’ table in myUNE, and on your Moodle My Home page. It can also be accessed directly via the Academic Integrity Module page. You will continue to be enrolled in the site while you are a UNE student to allow you to retain access to the information.

Completing the AIM is one small step towards achieving and demonstrating the UNE graduate attribute of social responsibility, which involves behaving with personal and professional integrity in academic and other contexts.

The AIM consists of 5 modules as follows:

Module 1: What is academic integrity?

Module 2: How do I show academic integrity in my preparation?

Module 3: How do I show academic integrity in my work?

Module 4: How can I feel more confident about academic integrity?

Module 5: How do I deal with more complex situations?

Each module consists of a set of activities followed by a quiz and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You do not need to complete each module and quiz in one sitting, but you will need to complete all five quizzes before your first assessments are due. In order to earn your badge and gain access to your assessment tasks, you will need to achieve a score of 80% or higher in each of the five quizzes.

Further information and online workshops on referencing and plagiarism are available from the Academic Skills Office website, the ASO Moodle site and from eSKILLS on the Dixson Library website.

Need help?

For technical problems, contact the IT Service Desk: or phone (02) 6773 5000

For questions about the content, contact the Academic Skills Office: or phone (02) 6773 3600

What is the TLA?

The TLA is a self-assessment tool consisting of a series of online quizzes. It is strongly recommended that all newly enrolled undergraduate students complete the TLA.

TLA Moodle site

The TLA is not a pass-fail test. It is there for you to learn something about what you do or do not know. The TLA will enable you to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses in the areas of academic writing; information literacy; computer literacy; and mathematics.

Knowing your own strengths and having them confirmed is empowering because it increases confidence. Understanding your weaker areas allows you to focus on specific tasks designed to build your skills in those areas and hence your self-esteem and confidence as a learner. The feedback you receive from the TLA will direct you to specific areas of the Academic Skills Office (ASO) website and other resources aimed at helping you improve your ability to succeed at tertiary study.

Students can self-enrol to get access to the TLA Moodle site.