About us

The University of New England’s Academic Skills Office (ASO), located in Learning and Teaching Transformation (LaTT), provides assistance to all enrolled students to help them succeed in their studies and to become independent and confident learners. The ASO’s highly qualified and experienced staff are committed to helping students by offering a range of free services and resources designed to focus on their learning needs and to make the UNE experience a rewarding and memorable one. The small, on-campus community at UNE allows students to receive more personalised attention. Individual, 30 minute appointments are available on campus with a learning advisor who can work with students to improve their academic skills, including effective study strategies, reading strategies, writing skills, referencing and basic maths and statistics skills.

External students

For external students, assistance is also available by phone, or online by email (asohelp@une.edu.au) or Skype (asohelp.une). First year external students can contact the external first year advisor for assistance through the First Year Academic Skills Support Moodle unit. The ASO website also links students to online workshops and resources on a variety of study skills and academic writing topics.

Non-English Speaking Background

Specialist help is also available for students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB).  The ASO employs academic skills advisors experienced in working with students whose first language is not English. They are aware of the academic writing, speaking and study skills needs of NESB students and can assist these students to acquire the language and study skills necessary to succeed at an Australian university.

Group workshops

Group workshops are also available for all on-campus UNE students. If students are interested in taking part in a workshop, they can check the workshop program online or call the ASO on (02) 6773 3600. External students can also attend video-conference workshops at the external study centres at Parramatta, Tamworth and Taree.

tUNEup From Home University Preparation Course

The ASO runs a free, two-week, online course, the tUNEup From Home University Preparation Course, to introduce students to studying at UNE, academic writing and referencing and to the various student support services. The ASO also runs a free, two-week, online tUNEup your Maths program to assist students to fill in some gaps in their secondary school-level mathematics. These courses run prior to the commencement of each trimester of study.

Pathways Enabling Course and Foundation units

The ASO is also responsible for the Pathways Enabling Course and coordinates and teaches a number of Foundation units, FNDN101, Foundation Skills for University Learning 1; FNDN102, Foundation Skills for University Learning 2; FNDN300, Advanced Academic Skills and Professional English; and FNDN301, Advanced Academic Skills in Critical Contexts.