Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism primer

There are several resources available to help students understand what plagiarism and academic misconduct are. Some of those resources are compiled here for your convenience.

Current UNE policy and procedure documents on plagiarism:

The Student Coursework Academic Misconduct Rule states that students have a responsibility to complete the Academic Integrity Module (AIM), which covers the rules of academic integrity, essential for successful and ethical study practices at UNE. The AIM educates students about these rules, what the University means by the term “plagiarism”, and how to incorporate other people’s ideas and language into their own work without violating these rules.

Completing the AIM is one small step towards achieving and demonstrating the UNE graduate attribute of social responsibility, which involves behaving with personal and professional integrity in academic and other contexts.

Access to the AIM is provided alongside other units on students’ Moodle My home page. The link to the AIM site will remain on students’ Moodle pages while they are enrolled at UNE to allow continued access to the information.

Students who enrolled at UNE before October, 2015, may have taken the previous version of the AIM and may not want to do it again.  However, to ensure an equal experience for all students, the University has decided that the AIM is a mandatory requirement, irrespective of whether students have completed the previous version of the AIM. Because these students are already familiar with the content, doing it again should take approximately 15 minutes, provided that these students select the quiz option, rather than one of the video options. Students who complete the current version of the AIM in either the quiz or video formats will be awarded a digital badge.

If you are studying a unit taught by the School of Law (i.e., units with unit codes beginning with LAW, LSU, LSSU), you must also complete the Academic Integrity and Referencing Learning Instrument (AIRLI). This is in addition to the AIM.

Further information and online workshops on referencing and plagiarism are available from the Academic Skills Office website and from eSKILLS on the Dixson Library website.