Information for Academic Staff

Commencing generally in June or July, members of the Academic community will begin receiving requests for the supply of timetabling data for units offered the following year.

Requests are based on unit information contained in the Work-in-Progress Course & Unit Catalogue. If you receive a request for a unit which you are not responsible for, please contact your School's Academic Coordinator/Manager as soon as possible for this to be updated via the Information Management unit. The same applies if you are expecting a request but do not receive one.

All units that have the Unit Coordinator listed as “To be advised/TBA”; will be sent to the relevant School's Academic Coordinator/Manager for completion.

Where possible, the request will be pre-populated with as much information as available, from the current timetable. New units requests will not be pre-populated.

Draft Timetable & Published Timetable

A draft timetable for on-campus units will be released to staff as soon as it is available. You will be required to login with your UNE credentials to view it. It is essential that you check all trimesters when the draft is released, and that you advise us if there are any errors or if you require any changes to your timetable as soon as possible.

After the timetable is published, changes must be kept to a minimum, may require Head of School approval and should only be requested in unforeseen extenuating otherwise they may result in clashes for students who have enrolled in units based on the published timetable. Any changes requested by the academic community after the timetable has been published must be communicated by the relevant School to all currently enrolled students.

Intensive Schools

Dates for Intensive Schools will be administered and collected by your School’s Academic Coordinator/Manager so core units do not clash. These dates will then be published in the Course & Unit Catalogue.

Not all Intensive Schools fall within the official period. While most occur in April (Trimester 1) or August (Trimester 2), some are also scheduled prior to the commencement of the Trimester in which the unit is offered (e.g. early February for Trimester 1 or early June for Trimester 2), and others occur in the week/s leading up to the official period or in the week/s preceding the official period. These early and late Intensive Schools may end up competing with on-campus classes for teaching space, so please keep this in mind.

The process of timetabling Intensive Schools will start after all known on-campus timetabling is complete and will continue into the first few months of the following year in chronological order. Please be patient during this process and refer to the Course & Unit Catalogue for dates – not the timetable.


The numbering of teaching weeks will reflect the Primary Parameters for Principal Dates.

Important Notes

Rolling over timetables / Changes from year-to-year

As new units are added and removed each year, and course structures and Unit Coordinators also change, it is not possible to roll the timetable over. You will have the opportunity to advise that you have 'no changes', which refers only to the structure and delivery of your teaching activities, i.e. you have not added or removed or changed the duration of a lecture, tutorial, practical, etc.


If a particular room is essential to your teaching requirements and non-negotiable, please clearly state this in your request and provide a valid reason.


The University’s standard on-campus teaching hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. On request, classes can be scheduled from 8:00 am.

If you are unavailable to teach during specific times or on specific days, you will need to inform the Scheduling Office and must include Head of School approval.

Start and finish times

Even though the timetable shows on-campus classes running for the full hour, the typical length for teaching activities at UNE comprises of 50 minute periods to allow for breaks, travel time between classes for students and set-up time for teaching staff. Classes are to start on the hour and finish 10 minutes before the hour.


The timetable is built to avoid clashes between as many core and prescribed units within a suggested course plan as possible. Where practicable, listed units can be taken into account depending on the number offered, but elective units cannot be considered.

While we are unable to guarantee clashes will not occur, it is important that you advise us of your requirements so we can endeavour to assist whenever possible. This includes the responsibilities of any teaching or other support staff that may be required for your unit, so they are not scheduled to teach or support in two (or more) places at the same time.

Enrolment numbers

If your unit experiences a higher than expected increase in enrolments, you may need to consider additional teaching activities (i.e. more tutorials or a second practical) or greater capacity rooms to handle the larger number of students. If your unit experiences lower than expected enrolments, you may be able to reduce the number of repeat classes and/or relinquish rooms no longer required.

In both cases, it is important that you inform us soon as possible so that we can make any necessary adjustments.