About Timetabling

The Scheduling unit is part of the Directorate of Learning and Teaching Transformation. To know if we are the right people to talk to we have provided below a list of the areas we are responsible for and those which we are not along with who you should contact for such information. If you are still unsure if we can help you, you are welcome to send a query to us via AskUNE.

What we do

  • Collect requirements and schedule classes for on-campus units at UNE.
  • Collect requirements and schedule classes for intensive schools for online units at UNE.
  • Publish class timetables on the web for UNE students and staff.
  • Provide help on reading and understanding timetables on the UNE web.
  • Resolve clashes on timetables for all core unit patterns in UNE degrees.
  • Process ad hoc room booking requests made for University related activities such as non-teaching activities, guest lectures, seminars and general meetings for both University staff and students. Booking requests can be made by University staff and students via Web Room Bookings