Intensive School Timetables

Dates for intensive schools

The intensive school dates for all units can be found in the Course and Unit Catalogue.

Simply enter the unit code, click Search and then follow the link under Unit ID.

Timetables for intensive schools

Timetables for intensive schools are located in the same place as the Class timetables.

Simply choose the year that the intensive teaching period falls in and then the Unit Timetable option. Be sure to select the Intensive School option in the list of occurrences for that unit. Intensive school periods are not in the Trimester on-campus teaching periods as they are held outside of these weeks.

Other information

Please be aware that the Scheduling team is only responsible for the timetabling of activities during your intensive school. Other aspects of your school are managed by the areas below.

If you have any queries about the content of the intensive school, please contact the Unit Coordinator for your unit which is listed in the Course and Unit Catalogue.

For the most up to date Intensive School Information please visit UNE Life Intensive School Info page.


On-campus short-stay accommodation in the Colleges for Intensive Schools is managed by Residential Services. Please note that on-campus rooms are limited.

For other accommodation options in and around Armidale, please go to Armidale Tourism.

Teaching Materials

The majority of UNE units do not have physical teaching materials (ie CD's, Booklets etc) as materials are hosted on the learning management systems, either Moodle or Blackboard. If your unit is one of the few which does use hardcopy materials, dispatch information is available on the myStudy tab of myUNE. For enquiries regarding material packages please contact Teaching and Learning.


Normal UNE Parking rules apply during Intensive School periods. If you intend parking your vehicle on campus between the hours of 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) the best payment option for short term users (less than 7 days) is to purchase a coupon on arrival from any of the parking machines on campus.

Weekly passes for students can be purchased at the pay-machines located within each car-park, by following the instructions printed on each unit. Please visit the Parking web page for more information.

Mandatory Intensive Schools

Where a Mandatory Intensive School commences prior to the Trimester, the ability to enrol online in that unit will be removed 48 hours before the commencement of the School. If you are unable to attend the School within that time period, please contact Student Success by phoning 02 6773 2000 or via web email through AskUNE . If you wish to withdraw from the unit within 48 hours of the commencement of the School or prior to the last day to add a unit to the Trimester, you will need to contact Student Success via email through AskUNE.

Exemption from attendance at mandatory intensive schools is not possible. If you do not attend the mandatory intensive school you will be withdrawn from the unit. Withdrawals after Census or after the last date for withdrawal without academic penalty will incur the HECS liability and/or the academic penalty.

If you are repeating a unit in which you have previously attended the mandatory intensive school, then you should contact the Unit Coordinator regarding attendance requirements. Attendance will be assumed unless you are granted an exemption from reattendance by the Unit Coordinator.

How to Get to Armidale

If it's your first time on campus, see the map below, or check out the guide to travelling to Armidale