Student Services and Amenities Fee Committee

Terms of Reference


  1. To oversee student consultation and related activities in line with the requirements of the Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines.
  2. To serve as a forum for the University to meet with democratically elected student representatives to consider priorities for the use of Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) revenue.
  3. To provide the Vice-Chancellor with recommendations for the distribution of SSAF revenue.
  4. To monitor the use of SSAF revenue against proposed priorities.

Reports to


Chaired by

Chief Financial Officer


Five elected student representatives
Director, UNE Life
Director, Student Administration & Services
Director, Facilities Management Services
Director, UNE Residential System

Student representative members in attendance must adequately represent the undergraduate, postgraduate and international student cohorts on campus.


The Committee can co-opt where needed to achieve or maintain a gender balance, where membership does not include at least two women and two men. The Committee can also invite individuals to provide appropriate expertise as necessary.


A quorum will consist of at least three staff and three students.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet quarterly.


Once in every 12-month period, the Committee shall devote at least part of one meeting to a review of its work and practice over the previous 12 months.


The Project Manager, Strategic Projects Group, will provide support.


The Vice-Chancellor approved, in August 2013, a delegation authority per item of $20,000 for the Chief Financial Officer to approve low risk, low value student proposals that require prompt decisions. The Committee will inform the Vice-Chancellor and students of any such approvals in the usual way.  

16 July 2015