Checklist for release of all purchase orders


Can this be paid or obtained within Policy by University Corporate card, (UCC link), if so, no need to raise Requisition or Purchase Order, use UCC & acquit in “Promaster”

DO NOT raise a requisition if an invoice has already been received (possible breach of Policy)

If not sure of any of the requirements, please see link to Strategic Procurement

Any other enquiries contact the Strategic Procurement Helpdesk ext. 3914 or ext. 2093

Validations Required

  • Is Functional approval required, if so has approval been received from the Functional Delegate?
    • e.g. gaining approval from ITD for purchase of non-standard IT equipment or FMS for alterations, maintenance or repairs e.g. electricians
  • Required due or final date matches requirement or contract/agreement.
    • The last or final date goods or services are required (after this date it will appear as overdue or outstanding in your monthly reports)
    • If contract or agreement finishes in 12months, then PO due date should reflect that final date
  • Risk assessment deemed low risk, (as per risk assessment web link)
  • Approved budget available
  • Trading or payment terms are consistent with the UNE’s
    • 28 days from End of Month
  • PL, RE or SP Cost code/s and natural account code/s are correct

Attachments Required

  • Quotes

Attachments Possibly Required

  • Contract or UNE Legal exemption
    • e.g. consultants or contractors will need an appropriate contract signed by Legal Office or approved exemption/email is attached
  • Exemption Request/Sourcing Strategy Form link (if one quote & value >$10,000)
  • Functional Delegation approval (as above in Validations required)
  • Other supporting or relevant documents or forms