Fee Management and Student Consultation

Managing the Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is used to improve the quality and quantity of non-academic student services and amenities that fall within a list of specified funding categories. In 2012, the University established a formal consultation process, including:

  • publishing identified priorities for proposed fee expenditure
  • providing opportunities for students and student associations to comment on priorities
  • consultation with democratically elected student representatives and representatives of major student organisations on funding priorities.

Project Management Stages

SSAF-funded projects are required to undergo the following management stages to ensure that SSAF funds are spent effectively to promote student experience:

  1. Student consultation (surveys, forums, submissions, committee meetings)
  2. Project initiation (concept / need identification, proposal development, initial planning, Committee endorsement, student feedback, executive approval)
  3. Project planning (finalisation of project plans)
  4. Implementation / execution (project work package/brief)
  5. Monitoring and control (quality assurance, progress reports)
  6. Completion (evaluation, reporting, acquittals)

Strategic Framework and Funding Priorities

Based on feedback through consultation and student surveys, the SSAF Committee has established a Strategic Framework to guide the allocation of SSAF funds to deliver a suitable mixture of immediate benefits for students and the achievement of strategic priorities. These priorities are as follows:

  • Building robust and resilient student engagement and elected student representation is key to future UNE success.
  • Phased development of longer term strategic initiatives that align with future-proofing UNE's strategic plan: Together, we can do this.
  • Investment with immediate benefits, shorter term projects.
  • Support to student Clubs and Societies capacity building & other activities open to a bidding process.
  • Student survey guidance.
Governance and Consultation

Student consultation and fund allocation is overseen by the SSAF Committee, delivering expertise in the management of the fee and a vehicle for consultation with students and student representatives. The Committee plays a central role in the student consultation and fund allocation process. The Committee is made up of a balanced membership of student representatives, UNESA and staff of the University that provide expertise in specific areas, including facilities management, student administration and services, operations and residential systems. The Committee is chaired by the Chief Financial Officer of UNE and reports to the University Executive.

The purpose of the SSAF Committee is to:

  • Oversee student consultation and related activities in line with the requirements of the Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines.
  • Serve as a forum for the University to meet with democratically elected student representatives to consider priorities for the use of Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) revenue.
  • Provide the Vice-Chancellor with recommendations for the distribution of SSAF revenue.
  • Monitor the use of SSAF revenue against proposed priorities.

Opportunities exist for students to participate in the SSAF consultation process and Committee meetings. The University is currently organising a system for student representatives to participate in the SSAF consultation process. Further details will be provided as soon as possible.

Having your say

There are a number of ways you can have your say about the collection and allocation of the SSAF.

Have an idea for a new project or initiative? Why not submit it now! After filling out the form, submit it to ssaf@une.edu.au.

Consultation Timeline

The SSAF Committee actively consults and communicates with the student body at UNE to ensure SAAF fund allocation aligns with student need, funding priorities and in response to student feedback. Students are encouraged to become involved in the consultation process and share their ideas about the allocation of SSAF funds now and into the future.

Proposed Expenditure Lists

All funding proposals are carefully considered by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) Committee. Feedback is invited on proposed expenditure, published in advance by the University and made available to students.

Currently, the SSAF Committee has not yet prepared a proposal for 2020 funding. If you have a suggestion for a SSAF-funded project please complete the suggestion form (DOCX, 15.38 KB) and submit it to ssaf@une.edu.au.

SSAF Project Management Kit

The University of New England is committed to the efficient and effective delivery of projects and initiatives funded under the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). The following resources have been designed to support continuous improvement and the effective delivery of SSAF funded projects and initiatives to maximise student benefit.

If you have any questions or concerns about the material on this page, please contact the SSAF Project Manager by email: ssaf@une.edu.au

Project Management Tools and Resources

Program Management Tools and Resources

Guidelines, Legislation and Other Information

Further information about SSAF can be obtained from the Australian Government Department of Education website.

Clubs and Societies SSAF

If you're looking for information on SSAF as it applies to UNE Clubs and Societies, including how to apply for SSAF funding, take a look at UNE Life's Clubs and Socieites SSAF Funding.