2021 Domestic Non-Award

Students in Non-Award Fee Places

A Non-Award course is one or more single units of study which do not lead to an Award course such as a Bachelor, Certificate or Diploma degree.

A Domestic Non-Award place is a fee place with no discounts, no subsidies and usually students are not eligible to defer their unit fees to the ATO through HELP.

Under certain circumstances students who initially enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place may be required to enrol in some units on a non-award full fee-paying basis.

If you are unsure if you are enrolled in a Non-Award Fee Place please refer to your letter of offer to confirm the fee place you have been offered.

It will say that “You are offered a place as a Non-Award student” and that your fee basis will say Full Fee or FEE if you have been admitted to this category.

If you are doing units under Non-Award as an official Bridging Course for Overseas Trained Professionals please see the Study Assist website for the eligibility criteria and if you meet this criteria please contact us through AskUNE.

2021 Non-Award Fee Rates

All Domestic Non-Award units currently cost the same amount per standard unit (6 credit points)

The 2021 Rate for units studied in this way is $3,275.00 per 6 credit points.