2021 Domestic Cross-Institutional Full Fees

If you are enrolled in Cross-Institutional studies with UNE, you may not always be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place.

If you are unsure if you are enrolled in a Full Fee Place please refer to your letter of offer to confirm the fee place you have been offered. It will say FEE if you have been admitted to this category.

Permanent Residents must make the upfront payment by the census date.

Australian Citizens and Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders residing in Australia can make a full upfront payment to UNE, defer the amount to their account with the ATO through FEE-HELP, or make a partial upfront payment and defer the remaining balance to the ATO.

You can check on the credit point value and unit cluster via UNE Unit Details Search to help determine the cost of your unit.

2021 Fee Rates for Domestic Full Fee Cross-Institutional Students

Field of Education DescriptionUndergraduate
Per 6 cp (credit points)
(100-300 level units)
Per 6 cp (credit points)
(400 level and above units)
Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce$2,142.00$3,340.00
Humanities, Behavioural Science, Social Studies$2,341.00$3,057.00
Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, Built Environment, Other Health, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts$2,678.00$3,288.00
Allied Health, Nursing$3,141.00$3,163.00
Science, Engineering, Surveying, Agriculture$3,338.00$4,013.00