Online Supervised Exam Tips

Online Supervised Exams is a fairly new concept here at UNE and we understand that some students find this prospect exciting, and others might find it a bit overwhelming. Based on the feedback we've had from students, we've put together some tips that might help you understand a bit more about how it all works.

If you haven't done so already, please check out our Video & FAQ's, and see your unit's Moodle page for more information.

We highly recommend that you have a go at out Try-It-Out Exam first - this will give you an idea of how the process works, how to navigate and answer questions and to make sure that your technology and internet connection can sustain your 'real' exam.

Setting Up Your ProctorU Account

Please check your units Moodle site for the 'Online Supervised Exam Information' section (look for the Blue Owl) before setting up your account. There is specific information for each online exam, including exam availability windows and what you may be required to do when sitting the exam online. In the 'What to do next section' there is a link to create your account.

Make sure you select 'UNE - Australia' as your institution or you won't be able to see our exams. Note: There is a University of New England in the institution list, but this is an American University.

You can change your institution via your account settings in ProctorU.

Starting Your Exam

How do I start my Exam?

We recommend that you schedule your preferred start time a minimum of 72hrs before your actual exam to ensure you can schedule a time that suits you and make preparations accordingly. You can reschedule your start time within the exam window if something comes up.

A few minutes before your scheduled start time, log in to ProctorU. Once the countdown clock reaches ‘0’ you will be able to start a connection with a supervisor.

Wait Times

It might take 2-20 minutes to connect with a Proctor - don't worry, your exam does not start until after you have connected with a Proctor and they have done their checks. While you are waiting, you can read over your study notes, have something to eat, check Facebook or go to the bathroom. Once connected with a Proctor, pop any unauthorised materials away.

Having Trouble Connecting before your exam starts?

If you have trouble connecting to ProctorU to start your appointment, please contact the OLX Team (02) 6773 2145 and we can help you troubleshoot.

You can also access the Chat help from ProctorU - there is a blue chat box located on the bottom right corner of their web page.


You will need to have a current photo ID with you when starting your exam - make sure the name you use in your ProctorU profile is the legal name that appears on your official photo ID.

Forms of accepted photo ID include:

  • UNE Student Card
  • Driver's Licence
  • Passport
  • Government Issued Photo ID
Exam Navigation & Clock

Quiz Navigation

You can use the green buttons at the bottom of each page to move to the next question - 'Previous Page' or 'Next Page'.

Alternatively, you can use the quiz navigation panel in the top left corner of your exam to skip to questions. Simply click on the question number you wish to go to.

The quiz navigation panel will also show:

  • Information pages are marked with an 'i'. They will have information or instructions about the questions that follow.
  • Sections with a bold outline shows you which page you are on in the exam (see Q12-14 below).
  • Flagged questions - You can mark a question to remind yourself to come back to it later (see numbers with red in the corner - Q1 & Q9).
  • Missed questions or questions still to be answered - If you have not selected a response or typed anything in a text box, the question number in the navigation panel will have a blank box (see Q6 below).
  • Partially answered questions - If you there are multiple responses required within a question, and you have left a section blank, a red triangle will show below the question number (see Q3 below).
  • Answered questions - Questions you have given a response to will have a greyed area below the number (see Q2 below).
  • You can hover your mouse over the navigation panel during your exam to check see what the symbols mean.

Moodle Quiz Navigation Panel

Exam Clock

Your exam time does not start until your proctor has finished checking your ID, doing a work space check and getting you to the exam location. Once they enter the password to your exam, your exam time will begin.

The proctor will not notify you of the time remaining in your exam. You will need to keep an eye on the countdown clock located in your exam. This can be found at the top left of the screen, under the question navigation panel. It will be available on all pages of your exam.

In the above image (highlighted with the red box), you can see the remaining time in the exam as 'Time Left'.

Saving & Submitting Your Exam

Saving your Work

The exam is set up so that your work is automatically saved every 2 minutes, each time you move to a new page, and when you submit your exam – this includes if your exam is auto-submitted too.

Submitting Your Exam

You may submit your exam at any time during your Online Supervised Exam. Just let the Proctor know that you have finished, and they will watch you click the submit button and log out of Moodle. Once completed, you’re done!

Auto-Submission of Exam

Once the exam clock runs out of time, Moodle will automatically submit your exam. Don’t worry, it will save all of the work you have done first, and return you to the start screen. If this happens, just let the Proctor know that your exam has been submitted, and they will watch you log out of
Moodle. Once completed – you’re done!

Uploading Documents

If your exam requires you to upload a document (usually for questions which you need to draw a diagram), this would need to be done before your time runs out. You need to make sure that you leave yourself enough time to do this. In most cases, the unit coordinators are extending the exam duration by
15 minutes to allow for this.

Notifying Your Proctor When You’re Done

It’s really important to tell your Proctor that you have finished your exam. You can let them know via the ProctorU chat box. They will need to verify that your exam has been submitted, and they will ask you log out of Moodle before you close the ProctorU browser. If they have disabled any functions
on your computer before the exam started, they will re-enable them at this time.

What to do if my internet connection drops out during my exam?

If it’s just a short drop out (1-15 minutes), you will be able to reconnect with your proctor and resume your session. Don’t close your browser with ProctorU – they will also try to reconnect with you as soon as your connection returns. If you lose time in your exam, your proctor can contact the Exams Team directly and we can help out from there. If this does not happen, please let us know (once your exam is complete) so that we can assist you – we may be able to add the time you have lost or assist you with applying for special consideration for time lost.

If you lose your internet connection for a longer period of time, or if you are not able to reconnect with your proctor please contact the Exams Team as soon as possible on (02) 6773 2145 or via askUNE. We will work with you to find a solution.

If your internet connection drops out for more than a minute or two, ProctorU may attempt to contact you via the phone number you have listed in your ProctorU account to help you reconnect.

Who can I contact if there is a problem during my exam and it's outside of business hours?

UNE will have a staff member on call during the exam period so ProctorU can contact us on your behalf. You can also contact us via askUNE at anytime, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Using the free text box - Formatting, Special Characters & Equations

Extended Response Questions

Your Online Exam may require you to write an extended response. The question will be in the blue section at the top, and a text box below for you to type your answer.

Free Text Box

The text box will grow as you type your answer, however you can also increase its size and shape by clicking on the bottom right corner of the text box and dragging it to the size that suits you.

Picture of a Moodle text box with a red square

Formatting, Special Characters & Equations

You are only required to format your answers in an Online Supervised Exam if your unit coordinator has advised you to, or if the question asks you to do so.

There is a menu bar along the top of the text box which allows you to format your text. The first button (see below image) is a down arroe (Show/Hide advanced buttons). Click on this button to show/hide more options for formatting your text - from bullet points to special characters.

Some of these functions (including cut, copy & paste) may be disabled during your exam, depending on the requirements and permitted resources of each exam.

Moodle Toogle Toolbar

Special Characters or Equations

Special Characters can be found by clicking on the 'Omega' icon (Ω). A new dialogue box will open, just click on the character you require and it will insert into your answer box.

Special Characters - Omega Button

Special Character Selection

Subscript and superscript can be found by clicking the X2 and X2 buttons. Click the button once, type the required notation, and click the same button again to turn it off.

Superscript and Subscript Buttons

Permitted Materials

Permitted Materials

You will need to check your Moodle site(s) to confirm what materials and permitted resources are available to you during your Online Supervised Exam. This may vary from the paper exam, and from unit to unit. More information about what materials are permitted or not permitted in your exam can also be found here.


In many cases, students are permitted the use of a small portable whiteboard (approx. A4 size) for ‘rough work’ during the exam to replace the pen & paper you might have used for your ‘brain dump’ during a paper exam. Check your Moodle site to confirm if this is a permitted resource

How to Update Your Details In ProctorU

How do I update my personal details in ProctorU

To update your name, email address, password, time zone and other personal details:

  1. Log in to ProctorU
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner
  3. Select Account Settings or Password Settings
  4. Make your changes
  5. Click on 'Update Account'
Upload a File in A Moodle Quiz - Diagrams 

Uploading a file into a Moodle Quiz 

In the example below the text in the blue box is the exam question, the green box is where you can type you answer, the red box is where you can attach your file(s).

You may be required to (or have an option to) create a diagram using a Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint, PowerPoint document or other specified software in your exam.

Once you have completed your diagram, save it to your desktop. You can then drag and drop the file containing your diagram into the lower section of your answer block (in the red box below) to attach it to your answer.

Screen shot of Moodle Essay Style Question

Once your file has uploaded, you will be able to see it in the section (see example below). To delete a file, click on the uploaded file and select delete from the pop up box

Moodle File Uploaded

Internet Connection & CPU speed

Ways you may be able to strengthen you internet connection

  • Sit closer to your router
  • Connect to your router using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • If possible, book your exam session in off-peak times
  • Turn off other devices using the internet at the same time (e.g tablet, phone, tv)

CPU Speed

You CPU speed should be 80% or lower. You can see you current CPU speed by going to your task manager. If the percentage is high, you should try to lower this by closing applications you are not using.

You can also increase your computers CPU speed by restarting your computer up to 30 minutes prior to your exam session.

Dress Code

Please remember that you are being supervised by a real person, so you should dress appropriately. You can certainly wear your pj's or other comfortable clothing if you would like.

As in a paper-based exam, you are not permitted to wear hats, beanies or sunglasses during an online exam.

If you have darker prescription or Irlen glasses these may be mistaken for sunglasses. Please let us know so we can make arrangements for you prior to your exam via askUNE or (02) 6773 2145.

Installing Chrome or Firefox Extensions for ProctorU

Both Chome & Firefox web browsers can be used for your online exam.


To install the ProctorU extension, you must first have Google Chrome. If you need to install Google Chrome, you can do so via this link.

If you would like to install the ProctorU extension yourself, you can do so via this link.

The extension is located at the top of the page (see the image below). just click on 'Add to Chrome', read through the pop up box and select 'Add Extension'.

Once your extension has been successfully installed (it should only take a few seconds) a notification will appear at the top right corner of your screen and you will see a blue owl icon next to your URL bar.

ProctorU Extension Successful Installation

How to delete the extension

If you no longer require this extension, you can remove it in your Google Chrome Settings.

You can open the Settings page by clicking on the icon with three stacked dots to the right of the address bar; this will open up a drop down menu, and Settings will be located to the bottom of the screen.

Next, click on Settings on the top left corner, this will open another drop down menu with 'Extensions' towards the bottom of the menu. From here you can locate the ProctorU extension and click 'remove'.


To install the ProctorU extension, you must first have Firefox. If you need to install Firefox you can do so via this link.

If you would like to install the ProctorU extension yourself, you can do so via this link. Follow the prompts to add the extension.

How to delete the extension

If you no longer require this extension, you can remove it in your Firefox Add-ons.

You can open the Add-ons by clicking on the icon with three lines to the right of the address bar; this will open up a drop down menu, click ond Add-ons. From here you can locate the ProctorU extension and click 'remove'.