Supporting Information for Students

Online Exams

UNE has cancelled in-person, paper-based exams for Trimester 1 per government advice to avoid large indoor gatherings. Instead, all exams will either be transferred to other modes of assessment, or offered online.

What do I need to do to prepare for an online exam?

There is detailed information about online exams and FAQs on UNE’s Online Supervised Exam page.

We recommend every student start by testing your system with a Try-It-Out Exam over the coming 4 weeks to give you time to work through any issues you encounter and so you feel comfortable and confident before your real exam.

What are the rules for online exams?

The same rules apply whether your exam is supervised face-to-face, or by a real person watching you via your web cam. The supervisor will be able to monitor what is occurring on your screen in real time during the exam. If you experience problems during your exam you will be able to seek immediate assistance from the exam supervisor or by contacting the Exams Office via AskUNE or phone 02 6773 2000 after the exam.

I can’t sit my exam online due to technology issues or other circumstances, what do I do?

We know that some students don’t have the technology (either hardware, or stable internet) available to comfortably sit their exam online, or experience other circumstances that make this impossible. If your unit has an exam but you are unsure:

  1. First, we recommend that you test your system with a Try-It-Out Exam to know for sure. Information on the Try-It-Out-Exam is on the Online Supervised Exams page.
  2. If your Try-It-Out Exam reveals you cannot sit your exam online, Unit Coordinators are preparing alternative assessment tasks for students in your situation. This task will not be exactly the same as the exam, but it will assess the same knowledge and skills as the exam.
I have a disability or medical condition that will affect my performance. What do I do?

If you have a disability or medical condition which will affect your exam performance and you have not yet formally registered for adjustments, including for allowed bathroom breaks, please make contact with Access & Inclusion as soon as possible.

Will ProctorU be able to cope with this many online supervised exams?

We have spoken with ProctorU about their capacity in light of COVID19 and are confident they are well prepared to expand their capacity and keep operating. We will continue discussing this with them as things change around the world over the coming months.

Where can I access the exam timetable?

We delayed the release of the exam timetable so we could reconfigure it in light of the decision to cancel the paper-based exams. The Trimester 1 exam timetable is now available on the Exams web page. The online exam period will occur between 9th to 19th June.

Study Centres
Are UNE’s study centres open?

UNE Study Centres access is now suspended until further notice due to government regulations for social distancing.

Special arrangements are currently in place for the UNE Regional Study Centres at Coonabarabran, Gunnedah, Moree, Narrabri, Inverell and Tenterfield (see details below).

During this time, the UNE Study Centres team in your region will be available to assist you via Phone, Email, Video Chat and AskUNE.

The UNE Study Centre’s team, along with our colleagues across the University will continue to provide support and services to students and we will keep you informed with news, opportunities and access to services.

What are the contact details for study centres?

UNE Sydney


P: 02 9689 4888 - 8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
Or email us to arrange a video catch-up
Instagram: unesydney

UNE Tamworth

P: 02 6773 3467 - 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
Or email us to arrange a video catch-up

UNE Taree

P: 02 6557 7190 - 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
Or email us to arrange a video catch-up

UNE Regional Study Centres at Coonabarabran, Gunnedah, Moree, Narrabri, Inverell and Tenterfield
UNE Regional team Contact information

9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
P: 02 6773 4367
Or email us to arrange a video catch-up

What are the arrangements for Coonabarabran, Gunnedah, Moree, Narrabri, Inverell and Tenterfield?

UNE can confirm that student access Regional Study Centres located on TAFE campuses in Coonabarabran, Gunnedah, Moree, Narrabri, Inverell and Tenterfield will remain available at this time, however strict social distancing measures must be adhered to. Access is by card swipe access only.

At any one time only two (2) people are to be in any of these study centres at any one time. If more than two (2) people are already present in the Study Centre, do not enter the room. Breaches will result in student access being withdrawn.

All TAFE campuses which house a UNE Study Centres are being hygienically cleaned regularly however it is important that all students practice good hygiene measures while using Centres. All TAFE campuses provide notification and advice about hygiene measures students are expected to follow.

Services, libraries and public spaces on campus
Are there still services open in campus?

Yes, as at Monday, 30 March the following services are open on the Armidale campus;


  • UNE Life HQ (Clubs & Societies, enquiries, etc. 9-5 Mon - Fri)
  • UNE Life Safety & Security (24/7)
  • UNE Life Advocacy & Welfare (Online 8-5 Mon - Fri)
  • The Café (Mon- Fri 8-2pm only. Full menu available and take away only)
  • Tune!FM - online & on-air only (7 days)
  • The Shop. inc. Post Office & Bookshop (8-5 Mon - Fri + online orders 24/7)
  • UNE Medical Centre – must phone prior to arrival
  • Yarm Gwanga Child Care (9-5 Mon - Fri)

All of these services may be subject to changes due to Government Legislation and COVID-19 best practices.

What services are closed on campus?

The following services have been closed until further notice:

  • SportUNE & Fields
  • Café 77
  • Booloominbah Collection Kitchen and Cafe
  • The 'Stro
  • UNE Life Functions & Catering (future event bookings are available)
  • UNE Life Student Space
  • Belgrave Cinema
  • UNE Life Graduation Services
  • Sleek Hair Studio
Are UNE’s libraries open?
  • The UNE Dixson Library is closed to student access from 1st April 2020.
  • The Law Library is closed until further notice.

Library staff are online ready to support you and help you find the information you need. Please go to the UNE Library website to access the online services or call the Library on 1800 059 735.

Why are the campuses still open?

Classes at universities and schools are exempt from the Australian Government's ban on large gatherings.

UNE will rely on NSW Health advice before making any decision to close our sites.

There have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at any of our campuses.

Are there any changes to on-campus accommodation?

Students on campus at Armidale have been advised to go home if possible, however the Colleges are still open and supporting a small number of student residents.

All students can complete their course online and will be supported if they need to change their mode of study.

No College-based UNE student electing to transition home and study online will be charged for accommodation while they are away.

Are you isolating students in colleges?

UNE has identified some areas in our current student residences that could be used if borders reopen and students from affected countries are able to travel to Australia.

These rooms are available for the 14-day isolation period that incoming students would need to follow.

What increased hygiene measures are being employed by the University?

There are increased cleaning schedules across the university. All spaces at the University are being cleaned with a product certified to kill the virus each night. This includes switches and light fittings. The best approach is to try and clear each desk to ensure it is cleaned. If you have any concerns, we suggest you use a disinfectant wipe to clean a surface to give extra peace of mind.

I would like to apply for the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. Am I eligible?

Funding has been made available from the University to support quick response grants for UNE students experiencing financial hardship impacting their ability to continue their academic studies (course program or research) at the University.

Student Emergency Assistance Fund

The grants are intended for students who find themselves in unexpected or unforeseen financial hardship, specifically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The fund does not have the capacity to support a recipient with ongoing costs, and students should note that funds, where provided, are done so on a one-off basis and there are limits in terms of how much funding is available or can be provided to each applicant.

Graduation Ceremony
What is the status of May Graduation?

In light of recent recommendations by the Federal Government, the University of New England will not be holding the Autumn Graduation Ceremonies on May 1 and 2, 2020.

As always, the safety and wellbeing of all UNE staff and students is our highest priority, and we will work with all students to minimise the impact of this decision.

How can I attend a future Graduation Ceremony?

We understand that your Graduation Ceremony is a significant event in your study journey and we look forward to celebrating your achievements with you.

We invite you to attend a future Graduation Ceremony by advising the Graduation Team of your preferences.

The Graduation Team will confirm future ceremony dates when possible. Please refer to the UNE COVID-19 Updates page for all information.

What does this mean for my graduation documents?

We will provide your Graduation Documents following the official dates of Autumn Graduation Ceremonies (from Monday 4 May onwards).Please advise the Graduation Team how you would like to receive your documents.

If you request your documents via post, please allow up to four weeks to receive them. If you have not received your documents by June 2020, please contact the Graduation Team for assistance through AskUNE or on (02) 6773 2000.

Document collection from Dixson Library will not be available for 2020 to minimise contact risk to all staff and students.

What is the status of graduation orders – food, photography and academic gowns?

The team at UNE Life will be calling you if you have placed an order through the Graduation Portal. This includes Academic Dress, Graduation food, and Photography.

If UNE Life has already sent you your gown you may either;

1. Keep your gown, as you're welcome to graduate at a future ceremony.

2. Post it back to UNE Life (at your own expense) for a full refund on the gown.

UNE Life is currently working on applicable refunds. Your money will be returned to the account it was purchased from and depending on your bank, may take up to 7 working days.

Look out for a phone call from UNE Life on Wednesday 18 March. If you have any concerns about your orders, please feel free to reach out to the UNE Life team by calling 02 6773 3073, or by emailing

What if I have already made travel arrangements for May Graduation Ceremonies?

Please contact your travel or accommodation providers directly for advice regarding their refund or credit policies.

Who can I speak to about Graduation?

Live updates regarding COVID-19 impact at UNE can be found on the UNE Coronavirus Information page. Additional information is available on the 'Your Graduation’ page.

If you have questions about your Graduation you can contact the Student Success Team via AskUNE, by phone on (02) 6773 2000 or by replying to this email.

Intensive Schools

All intensives starting from April 2020 will be postponed, deferred or re-profiled.

I have an intensive school scheduled for April 2020. What do I do?

Please contact your Unit Coordinator directly using the contact details available in the top right corner of your Moodle unit page to seek advice for each unit.

I have a placement/prac/clinical experience scheduled. Are these going ahead?

If you have any concerns, or a placement that may be impacted or you have questions, contact the relevant prac office directly they will have the most up to date information.

Contact details:


Office for Professional Learning:
(02) 6773 3898 or online

Social Work:

Social Work Field Education Office:
(02) 6773 3722 please also see Moodle


Clinical Placement Office:
(02) 6773 4388

I have questions about how my unit will be delivered. Who do I speak to?

Communicate directly with your Unit Coordinators for guidance as to how your unit is being delivered – this includes online lectures, tutorial attendance, timetabling, etc.

All Intensive School information

Residential Colleges
Can I leave without penalty if I want to go home because of the coronavirus? What do I do to get my rental paused?

If you would feel more comfortable going home, please do so. Let your Head of College know that you are leaving and the date you intend to leave. Your accommodation contract will be paused and you will not be charged until you return.

Alternative arrangements for all lectures, tutorials and pracs are expected to be in place in the next 3 weeks if not before. Check with your lecturers about the consequences of leaving first.

I can’t afford the petrol to go home as my work here has dried up. Can you help?

A new emergency fund to support students who are experiencing financial strain due to the coronavirus pandemic is about to be launched. We can help with petrol costs to get home.

I don’t have wifi at home to study online. What can I do? 

Discuss the issue with your Head of College. You may also be able to get financial support through the new emergency fund for coronavirus to purchase mobile data which could help.

Can you help me self-isolate if I want to? 

If you are feeling fine but, due to contact with others (see self-assessment tool below), have been advised to self-isolate, please consider self-isolating at home first.

If you need to self-isolate at college, we can support you. There are several flats in Wright Village which have been identified for self-isolation.

I think I have been in contact with someone who has just had a test. What do I do?  Do a self-assessment as follows: 
STEP 1: Have you recently returned from travel overseas, or live with someone who has recently returned from overseas?

If YES, see scenarios below:

If NO, move to STEP 2.

If you have returned from overseas after March 15 2020:

  • Self-isolate for 14 days from the date you departed these countries.
  • If you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms, contact your nearest Fever Clinic for testing.

If you have returned from overseas travel prior to March 16 2020 in the last 14 days:

  • Monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and practice social distancing.
  • If you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms, immediately contact your nearest Fever Clinic for testing and notify your Head of College that you will require to self-isolate.

If someone you live with has returned or arrived from overseas in the last 14 days, but you did not personally travel:

  • You do not need to self-isolate
  • If you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms in the next 14 days, immediately seek medical advice and notify your Head of College if you have been advised to self-isolate.
STEP 2: Have you been in contact with someone who has been confirmed by a test as positive for COVID-19?

If YES, see below:

If NO, move to STEP 3.

If you have been in close contact with the individual:

  • Isolate yourself immediately for 14 days. Notify your Head of College and make arrangements for self-isolation either at home or in college
  • If you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms, immediately contact your nearest Fever Clinic for testing.

If you have been in casual contact with the individual:

  • You do not need to self-isolate, monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days since you last met the infectious person.
STEP 3: Have you been in contact with a person classified as a suspected case, as they've been tested for COVID-19?

If YES, see blow:

If NO, move to STEP 4.

If you do not have symptoms:

  • You do not need to self-isolate, and
  • If you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms in the next 14 days, immediately contact your nearest Fever Clinic for testing and notify your Head of College that you need to self-isolate.

If the case becomes confirmed:

  • Refer to Step 2.
STEP 4: If NO to all of the above, try not to worry, you’re at low risk of having COVID-19. As normal, if you’re unwell please consult your GP.
I feel nervous and want to go home but am worried about compulsory pracs. 

Just check with your lecturer when the alternative online/deferred or redesigned pracs will be ready, before deciding when to go home.

If I leave now, can I come back after Easter or will the college be in lock down by then? Should I go home before I am potentially unable to? 

At the moment there is no plan to close the college or restrict those coming and going. However, government directives are changing day to day and we cannot guarantee the college will not close down the line. The decision to stay or go home is entirely up to you and your personal circumstances.

Support and Wellbeing

We understand that there have already been some significant changes to your study experience throughout Trimester 1 and appreciate that this is a stressful time for everyone.

University support services remain available to all students to ensure that you can access the help that you need to succeed in your studies. We are here to work with you in overcoming any challenges that you may experience due to necessary changes.

Does UNE offer a counselling service?

Yes. Our Counselling and Psychological Services Team is available to offer support both over the phone or Zoom.

How do I book a counselling appointment?

You can arrange an appointment by phoning (02) 6773 2897 between 9am-4pm weekdays.

I need support quite urgently, can you help me?

Certainly. If you need an appointment sooner rather than later, please ask to be placed on a waiting or cancellation list. We can then contact you as possible appointment times become available.

Where should I go if I require urgent support outside of office hours?

Please call the UNE After Hours Crisis Support Line on 1300 661 927 for assistance. You can also text on 0488 884 169.

Check out the Urgent Help Directory for additional services.

I had a counselling appointment, but my circumstances have changed and I won’t be able to attend anymore. What do I do?

We understand that things come up. If you can’t make your appointment, please phone to let us know. This also helps your fellow students as we may be able to offer your appointment to another student on the waitlist.

My circumstances have changed and I no longer have access to reliable internet. Are you able to help me?

We know that for many of our on-campus students in particular, the last week has seen a significant change to your living situation. If you are now in a situation in which you have unreliable internet connections and will struggle to access your lectures and unit content, please contact the Student Access & Inclusion Team.

What is Student Access & Inclusion?

The Student Access & Inclusion Team is able to provide practical support and assistance for students impacted by a variety of circumstances and conditions to ensure that you are not disadvantaged and can continue to access your studies.

How do I contact Student Access & Inclusion to register?

If you’d like to discuss your situation, you can make a phone appointment with one of our team members by calling (02) 6773 2897. If you are more comfortable with email, you can send a confidential email to

 Do you offer any other personal support?

Sometimes, it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone in your concerns or worries, and to read about ways that you may be able to address those concerns in your own day-to-day life. The counselling team has a wide variety of information and tips sheets that we’d encourage you to check out.

I’m feeling quite isolated as a result of the changes. I don’t think I need a counselling appointment, but is there a way I can stay connected with others?

It’s normal to feel a bit uncertain as you adjust to significant changes, and you aren’t alone in feeling this way. But we’re glad you asked this, as the UNE Life Team has created the perfect space for you. Make sure to check out the Bunker Down website, a place to escape, connect, and check out a tonne of wonderful resources whilst we all stay safe at home. If you’re on Facebook, we’d love to have you join the Bunker Down Facebook Group, where hundreds of other students in similar circumstances are chatting about how they’re getting through.